Guide to Stronger and Better Player in Marvel Avengers Alliance

To become stronger and win more battles and fights in Marvel Avengers Alliance require some strategic planning, this guide will help you to learn more about the game and become a better MAA player. Please leave any comments if you have other tips to help your fellow heroes and MAA agents become a better player. If you like any of the tips shared here, please share them with your fellow Heroes and link back to us, lastly, please check out our other useful Marvel Avenger Alliance list of guides.

By playing better, you will become a stronger player in Marvel Avengers Alliance in both missions and PvP fights.

Leveling Up Characters and Heroes Often

To become a stronger opponent, you have to level up your Marvel Alliance agent and your Heroes often. Train all of them whenever you have the chance. Send out your heroes out on remote missions whenever you are not playing the game, and use your strongest heroes on missions to ensure that you gain the most EXP possible and level up in Marvel Avengers Alliance

Equip and Research Isotope-8

Keep your research of Iso-8′s going and equip them to your uniform and gears. More tips will be written later about how to effectively research and equip the iso-8′s to make your characters and hero stronger. However, for the purpose of this post, understand that isotope 8 will be essential to you winning more PvP Battles in MAA.

Use Strategy and Experiment with Heroes Classes

To really take advantage of the class system, plan your heroes classes to match with the enemies so that you can kill them without using any items. For PvP fights, use two different types of hero classes so that they can complement each other.

Debuff and Buff in Fights

Take advantage of the different type of buff and debuffs available to you in MAA. Use debuffs to stun and lower the accuracy of your enemies so that you take less damage yourself. By using debuff and buffs effectively in MAA, you will be able to conquer more enemies and win more battles.

Disable Abilities

There are a handful disable abilities such as the baton to stun enemies. Use those disable abilities to make your enemies lose a turn is essential to claim victory.

Upgrade Agent’s Gears

Your Marvel Avengers Alliance agent is one key component to your team, fully gear him up with the strongest gears that you can afford. Visit the research center and store often to see whether or not you can upgrade the next level of Marvel gears. By keep updated with gears, you can kill more enemies with your agent.

The Power of Uniforms

While upgrading and gearing yourself with nice gears. Do not forget to use Marvel Avengers Alliance uniforms. It may be a good idea to slot Iso8 into uniforms so any of your heroes can use the power from Iso-8′s. Use and purchase uniforms to make your Marvel heroes team stronger and better.

Upgrade PvP Gears and Bonus Items

You can slot some items to obtain the PvP bonus in the system. You should research to get the highest possible gears and put them into your PvP arsenal to obtain the bonus.

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