Marvel Avengers Alliance Hero Deployment and Boss Roulette Reward Guide

You can get many of the powerful gears and Marvel Avengers Alliance rewards through the drops at hero deployments as well as the final roulette drawing of boss defeats. These weapons are considered as epic weapon rewards in the game. These special Marvel Avengers Alliance rewards typically have special abilities and bonuses associated with them.

This guide will help you understand how these drop systems work, as well as offer a list of late level boss roulette drop rewards and hero deployment rewards that you can get in Marvel Avengers Alliance. If you have found this guide help, please check out our list of Marvel Avengers Alliance guides for more helpful tips and guides!

About Marvel Avengers Alliance Hero deployment

In every scenario, you will be able to deploy a specific Marvel Avengers hero on these hidden missions. Upon completion of these mission, you will be able to get item drop rewards based on your in game agent level.

Check the complete list of in the scene hero deployment list for which heroes that you can send on these in

Rewards are Scaled by Your Agent Level

To be able to receive higher end roulette and hero deployment rewards, you will have to level up your Marvel Avengers Alliance agent further. Higher level agent will have better chance of rewarding you with stronger drops and rewards.

Reward Preset

Your reward is either pre-determined or are weighted heavily toward the more generic items as soon as you start the battle or receive the loots. The bottom line is that you cannot refresh the browser to obtain other loots or predict where the roulette lands. Nor can you predict what reward you will receive from Marvel Avengers Alliance hero on-scene deployment. Your rewards have already been decided beforehand, picking any square will make no difference to the type and strength of roulette or hero deployment rewards that you receive in Marvel Avengers Alliance. Your best bet to get the most reward is always able to send out your heroes on these special solo chapter missions or side quests.

Complete Drop Rewards – The Marvel Avengers Alliance Weapon Drops

This list contains the listing of all the Marvel Avengers Alliance hero deployment rewards as well as boss roulette draws. It should be noted that these epic weapons are typically stronger than their regular counterparts, only when you have reached a certain level. This means that the golden weapon’s strengths typically start to show after you hit the critical point, before that point, you may do higher damage with the regular Marvel Avengers Alliance weapons. You will have to test out exactly against your own build and gears to really know what gears are the best for your agent.

It should be noted that you will only be able to obtain 1 of each epic weapons in game, just like you can only obtain 1 gold weapon after completing and mastering each of the chapters with 5 stars.

Lv 44~54 = Foley’s Heart Tickler
Lv 45~55 = Monofilament Blade
Lv 48~58 = Mirror Field Generator
Lv 49~59 = Quick-Load T’Cha
Lv 50~60 = A.R. “Spectre”
Lv 52~62 = Svalinn Defender
Lv 56~66 = Frank Castle Special
Lv 57~67 = Target Painter
Lv 58~68 = Vibra-Trumbash
Lv 61~71 = Pyro Technique
Lv 62~72 = P.E.W. “Stoic”
Lv 63~73 = The Ripper
Lv 67~77 = Fury Blade
Lv 69~79 = Thursday Night Special
Lv 71+ = Handheld Iso-8 Scanner
Lv 73+ = Vibra Shotel
Lv 80+ = “Tenderizer” Shotgun
Lv 81+ = Xanthine Alkaloid Injector
Lv 84+ = The Perforator
Lv 87+ = Adamantium Knuckles
Lv 89+ = Energy Fist
Lv 90+ = B&F Icebrand
Lv 92+ = M616 Combat Shotgun
Lv 95+ = A.R. “Spinner”
Lv 157~167 = Combat Acceleration Program
Lv 163~173 = Knuckle Stinger
Lv 165~175 = Damage Amplifier
Lv 167~177 = Capacitive Impeder
Lv 170~180 = Fistborne Defibrilator
Lv 175~185 = Teleological Suspender
Lv 180~190 = Battery Powered Hand Cannon
Lv 185~195 = P.E.W. “Dingo”
Lv 189~199 = P.E.W. “Dingo”
Lv 191~201 = Neural Wave Disruptor
Lv 195~205 = P.E.W. “Anchor”

Hidden Rewards for Thought – Energy

Because Hero deployment does not consume any energy for your character, thus, by always able to deploy the heroes during the missions and scenes that they are available, you will be able to advance faster due to the extra EXP gain.


Marvel Avengers Alliance Hero Deployment and Boss Roulette Reward Guide — 18 Comments

  1. Regarding pvp items, its purchased thru gold. But roulette items only few that I know who has, control of gold, command points and special items. So if there are good ways to get the luck on roulette, not just, 60 energy or 5 battle points every day. If you get the same results every day in 3 straight weeks, isn’t it boring? Hacks worked sometime ago in 2013. but not now.

  2. バーバリー (マフラー)の品揃えは123点。バーバリー(マフラー)を買うなら「ショッピング サーチ.jp」で!

  3. Rewards are Scaled by agents level <- i dont completely agree with this, if my calculations are right, the randomization of drops are determined the moment you enter a mission chapter, so hence once you enter a mission, all of the items drops have determined and will only change or reset once the chapter mission is completed.
    I was able to determine because playdom loves to update regardless of whatever stage or level you are in the game, I got an update right in the middle of the selection of the mission boss reward, i was able to get an simple item just right in the middle of the roulette but since there was an update i had to refresh, and once i did so, i selected the upper right and i got the same item, this happened 3 times in all of the course of improvements and updates of the game.

  4. This game i got destroied by 1 guy lvl-80 with 36
    how can it be?
    Where can i get this weapon? 1 at least
    Any idea people?

  5. @Chad Was his name Big Boss by any chance….I just fought a level 55 on PVP and he had 35,000 attack bonus and 17,000 defence bonus….he had x24 A.E.W anchor’s and his minimum attack damage on me was 9000! I got surpremely destroyed!

  6. Just got beat in PVP by a lvl 55 that had a battery powered hand cannon, and +30,000 attack. How that happens is beyond me.

  7. Nah man you can get more than two of the premium reward weapons, i have two Power Of Four weapons from the War Machine prem mission, they’re rubbish though.

  8. Do you have any information on the boss drop probabilities? Is there any way to increase the probabilities of getting certain items? E.g. does it depend on character and hero level, hero choice, battle score, killing bosses and mini-bosses together etc?

    For deploys does hero choice and level matter?

  9. Actually, you CAN draw multiple epic items… at least non-Golden ones. I have received two Fury blades AND two Rippers AND two Svallin Defenders so far

    • I think what he meant by “epic items” were the various specials from premiums and epic bosses, like as some examples: Only one Magnetic Field Generator from Magneto, one Goblin Glider from Green Goblin, One Handheld Hohlraum from beating the Chapter 7 Premium.

      Fury Blades and Rippers and Syvanni Defenders are all normal items, as they just appear on the various deploy roulettes and they are also more or less duplicate items of things you can research to just buy, while the epic/unique items you get from the roulettes on epic bosses or premium missions tend to be unique in their abilities or significantly more powerful than other similar items.

      I personally have never gotten more than one of the epic boss/premium mission rewards nor have I seen opponents in PVP with more than one of them (and I would imagine that plenty of people would happily roll into PVP with 2 or 3 Sabretooth Claws).

    • I have three handheld hohlraums – when I received them I immediately slotted them into my PVP – not sure if that was what allowed me to receive more or not..

    • Um, yeah, you can get more than one. The odds are simply very low to get them, but it IS possible!

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