Tutorial Quests

Below is a simple table for the Tutorial quests in Maple Story Adventures. This table include the tasks as well as the amount of Energy, EXP, gold, and items that you can get.

Maple Story Adventures Tutorial Quest
Quest NameTaskEnergyEXPGoldItem
Ribbon CuttingHunt 5 Yellow Ribbon PigHunt 5 Yellow Ribbon Pigs3010510001 Newspaper Hat
Donning Your HatEquip a Newspaper Hat from your Bag1002 Lemon
Seeing RedHunt 12 Red Snail502 Lemon
Upgrade Your WeaponBuy 1 Newspaper Sword(s) from the Shop2002 Lemon
Beat the Mossy Snail!Hunt 1 Mossy Snail(s)206002 Lemon
To ErebMove to Ereb Queens Road10002 Lemon
The World is Your OysterOpen World Map5002 Lemon
Take a PhotoOpen Photo Window.5002 Lemon

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