Guide to Level Up Fast in Maple Story Adventures – Energy and Bonus

Leveling up in Maple Story Adventures can be time consuming if you do not know what you are doing. Below is a complete guide and tips to show you how to get the most EXP points within the shortest period of time to level up fast. Use all of these methods to achieve the maximum leveling speed in Maple Story Adventures.

Leveling Up Energy Efficiency

To level up efficient, you want to be able to deal the most damage possible with your hits. This means that you should always upgrade your weapons and gears to the highest possible. This means that always get the strongest weapons and gears possible, as well as fully enchant them with the best 5 star enchantments.


There are many quests in game that gives you additional rewards such as EXP, coins, and various items. Complete those quests to gain additional EXP to level up in Maple story Adventures. You will also receive great energy boost items that can speed up your Maple Story Adventures leveling speed.

Hire for Help

Always hire your friends for help whenever possible. By hiring your friends, your friends can attack your monsters for you. You will also gain 5 additional energy points per every friend that you have hired. This means more energy that you have to attack monsters for Maple story adventure EXP for level up.

Returning Hire

You can also obtain 5 Energy points by returning your Maple Story Adventures Hires. It is like getting a free hire.

Neighbor Visit Bonus

When you visit your neighbors, you have some choices to attend to your neighbor’s house items. These tends give you really good return of EXP that is free. In addition, you will receive 5 additional energy once you complete all 5 friendly actions. However there is a limit of 20neighbor actions that you can tend to.

Take Advantage of Crafting

Take full advantage of the crafting section of the game. These crafting pots can generate great amount of money, enchantment, as well as energy refill items for your Maple Story Adventures character. Always have something that is crafting to take full advantage of this leveling speed boost.

Feed Following

There are many opportunities in game where it will let you share some rewards. You can also follow up on other player’s feed as well. Check your walls often to see if your friends have shared some of these rewards.

Collection Bonuses

Take advantage of the collection bonuses that give energy and EXP. Some of the top energy booster in game include the white chicken available in the mid forest farm, as well the collection items such as heavenly peach and the feast. Use these energy boosters to further your maple story adventures leveling speed.

Daily Gifting Bonus

Remember to visit your mail box at least once per day to receive cool boosts to your leveling. Some of the items that you can receive include crafting materials, coins, and even EXP!


Be patient when it comes to leveling up your Maple Story Adventure character. Use all of these methods to achieve the maximum possible leveling speed in game.

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