Legends: Rise of a Hero Common FAQ

In Legends: Rise of a Hero, you will have to find various items and equipment to level up and advance your Hero. In this basic guide, we will go over some of the basic items that you may have trouble to find in the game. Please share this guide with your friends if you have found it useful! Please check out our Zynga published game guide list too.

Basic Class Information

At the time of writing, once you pick a character, you cannot change your Hero’s class. The game offers three classes: Warrior, Ranger, and Wizard. Depending on the class that you have chosen, you will need to focus on the different stats.

Strength: Increases warrior damage and attack rating number for all classes.
Dexterity: Increases Ranger damage and evade probability for all classes.
Intelligence: Increases wizard damage and hit chance for all classes.
Luck: Increases critical hit chance.

Note for attack rating, higher attack rating gives you closer to 100% of optimal damage output.

Building Upgrades

Castle: Yield more coins.
Weaponshop: Unlock higher level gears when you reach the appropriate levels.

On a side note, the trees and rocks typically regen after a couple of days. To ensure that you have enough materials to construct buildings, you should start chopping and mining the trees often to make the most of both your energy and natural resource regen.

Quest Item Locations

If you are having trouble finding some of the items in the game, this section of our guide will help you.

Hot Ember: At the campfire when you first enter the map in Goblin Fall.
Mandrake Root: You can get it from the farm in Goblin falls, then you can plant it in your village from Store and then Farm.
Old Mans Ring: This is a small mini game inside the cave, you will have to play “getting hotter/colder” game with the person.
Alpha’s Journal: Defeat Xorn in Forsaken cave.
Bloodwood: This particular item is needed for higher level upgrades. They will be available in Icy peaks in the future update.

How to Defeat Most of the Bosses

For most of the boss fights, your hero most likely cannot take the damage by themselves. Thus, you will have to use hit and run tactics to make sure how you can beat the bosses like Xorn.

Warrior: Charge with Shield slam, stun, hit, and run for cooldown.
Ranger: Net, poison, hit and run.
Wizard: Fire ball, Ice block, and Chain lightning while running away from the boss.

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