Imperium Galactic War Beginner Guide

Finding and working your way in the world of Imperium: Galactic War. In this beginner’s guide, we will go over some fundamentals about the game while offering you some insights to avoid mistakes when you first start.

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Beginner Combat and Resource Gathering

You can start combat in Imperium Galactic War by selecting “Join Battle” to join the fray. You can use the arrow key to cycle between your ships and you can move them by selecting any point on the map. You can dodge enemy fire and avoid taking less damage. The ships will automatically shoot at enemy ships when they are close enough, you can also target enemy ships after selecting your own.

You can earn experiences and the resources they are carring when you kill NPC’s or other players. However, the reward from successful PK is higher. You also earn certain amount of credits for successful kills. The credit amount is more or less based off Fleet Power.

If you are low in resources, consider the following methods to make more resources in the game:

1. Trade Routes
Always have an active trade route and upgrade your command center to unlock more trade routes. Active trade routes let you gain more resources per drop.
2. Attack NPC nodes for quick resource gain.
3. PK other player’s fleets.

Fleet Auto Fights
Your fleet can fight without you, this means that you do not need to micromanage each of your fleet to achieve victory. Although your fleet may take more damage without your active control. To take advantage of it, you can have a couple of fleet to go after enemies that they can overpower. This way you can multiply your resource grinding efficiency. However, you will have to upgrade your Dock to be able to deploy more than 1 fleet.

Command Center Building Upgrades

Command Center
Credits are hard to obtain especially at the beginning of the game. Your goal is to upgrade your command center to level 4 as soon as you can. At Command center level 4, you can have 2 contracts. Like some of the other browser strategy games, upgrading your Command Center also unlocks other building upgrades.

This is the place where all of your ships are built. Higher level shipyard can build newer and larger ships.

Building Out Your Ships and Fleets

Building Your Ships in the Shipyard
You can quickly build out your fleet army by going after the light fighters with one rail and neutronium. These fighters take less than 5 minutes to build which means you can build them instantly. This way you can have a starting army fast in the game.

Once you have upgraded your Shipyard, you can unlock various ships via research. In general,

Larger hull ships have more slots and higher fire power or defense.
Smaller ships are faster and agile.
Different armors and weapons can deal different damage based on their damage type.

Lastly, you can improve your ships performance using advanced technology such as spinal weapons.

Notes On Weapons
Below are some of the general observations and usage on the different weapons in Imperium: Galactic War.

Pulse Lasers: Good early stage weapons for their better accuracy, good against moving enemies.
Rail Guns: Do more damage but lower accuracy and weak against moving enemies.

Assembling Your Imperium: Galactic War Fleet
Select the fleet tab and you can organize the ships into the groups. You can increase your numbers of fleets by upgrading the dock. You can also repair your fleets after they have been damaged in battle. Select launch the fleet for the fleet to leave your starbase.

One tip to repair your fleet fast is by switching out your damaged ships, and “instant” fix it when the damage is less than 5 minutes. This way you can have a working fleet at all times. The ship assigned to the flagship slot will be how others view your fleet in the map view, it does not affect your fleet power. However, by putting on a stronger ship you may deter random attacks by other players.

Other Useage Tips

Linking Your Map links
Typ out the coordinates with a comma to have it automatically linked as a map link.

Sector Navigation
You can use the fleet button to quickly locate your fleet. You can click on your fleet and select Recall to auto pilot them back to your base. It should also be noted that Transgates can be used to travel between friendly and enemy sectors.


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