Zynga Hidden Chronicles Mini-Game Guide

Below is a short guide to the latest teaser for the Zynga Hidden Chronicles mini games. These mini games unlock when various amount of people like their page. Below are the list of items that go with each mini game. Note that a new Hidden Chronicles mini game will unlock when they reach 500,000 likes.

Hidden Chronicles Mini Game Teaser Item List

In this scenario, you will be asked to find the following items, there will be a maximum of 6 items that you will have to find for each play:

The items required in the mini game seems to be selected at random from these items. You can look through them to know which ones to look for ahead of time.

Hidden Chronicles - Geoffrey's Desk Item List
PadlockKeyPaper ClipScissorsMap
LionSugar CubeEraserPostcardTelephone
StampPocket WatchSpoonGold CoinLetter Opener
Fountain Pen
Hidden Chronicles - Estate Garden Item List
ShovelSquirrelHand PaintSunflowerBlue Flower
Lost RingFlower PotStraw HatCupFaded Paper
Spider WebLadybugCanUmbrellaNest


Zynga Hidden Chronicles Mini-Game Guide — 1 Comment

  1. i have done all the scenes plus he premium scenes. it should be 285 total , and i have 288, but come ppl have 625 trophies?? how did i get the extra? and where did they get all the extra trophies?? they are NOT TELLING!

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