Immigrant Ship Grid Map Guide for Hidden Chronicles

Use this Hidden Chronicle photo guide to help you determine the location of the hidden items. If you found this list helpful, please share them with your facebook friends. In addition, check our other Hidden Chronicle list of guides.

Apple H9
Armour Brestplate B8
Arrow E2
Axe B6
Barrel B6
Bird H6
Birdcage F3
Book F7
Boots D9
Cannonball D7
Cat D5
Celtic Triskelion F6
Clover C7
Coal C8
Crescent Moon G5
Cup Print G9
Dog F6
Dragon H7
Drinking Horn E9
Feather I10
Fishbones H8
Flag E4
Fork F8
Gauntlet D8
Gold Coins G10
Gold Vase G6
Golden Goblet H2
Golden Necklace B10
Hat G3
Helmet I2
Hook C1
Inkpot I9
Jade Mask E5
Jade Necklace F6
Knife H9
Leg of Lamb G8
Letter H10
Lighthouse B4
Lion D8
Lizard H5
Lock A9
Map E7
Missing Plank B1
Oar C6
Owl B3
Pear B8
Pistol C9
Pitcher G7
Powder Flask E7
Rat F10
Red Chest G4
Ring I10
Rope E3
Sack G3
Seagull A5
Shield E7
Ship C5
Silver Ingots C10
Silver Pot G5
Silver Tankard F8
Skeleton Key G10
Skull H4
Spear I4
Spoon H8
Sun A3
Sword B8
Tin Whistle D10
Yellow Pillow E6

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