Hidden Chronicles Ocean Liner Grid Map Picture Guide

We have created another grid map so that it will be easy for you to search for the objects in Hidden Chronicles. Please share this guide with your friends if you have found it helpful! Lastly, please check out our other useful Hidden Chronicles guides.

Sorry for the delay, I finally found the time to post this. Check back tomorrow night for the Buckingham Palace!

Ace B5
Anchor F4
Arrow F5
Ash Tray F7
Backgammon D8
Binoculars I8
Blanket F10
Bolt (Hint: the chair) G6
Bowtie A8
Cameo E4
Cane H6
Captain’s Log H8
Chain G9
Chalk G8
Champane E6
Cheese C7
Cork B10
Crack C4
Doily G8
Doll H5
Emerald F9
Eye E8
Fern B3
Fish D3
Flag I2
Flask C10
Flower G8
Gold Leaf H3
Golf Club B5
Grape A1
Handercheif H10
Hat F9
Heart H6
Hoop C10
Horse G5
Ink Spot D7
Jacks A9
Knife B8
Ladder D1
Lemons F6
Life Preserver I5
Lighter H9
Map D4
Medal I7
Model Ocean Liner D5
Mouse F6
Newspaper D6
Parasol D8
Perfume I6
Pillow G6
Pineapple B8
Pipe C7
Pitcher C6
Pocket Watch B8
Puck C7
Puff Box G8
Queen H7
Ribbon I2
Rope I4
Rug E10
Sandwich C6
Scones C7
Shawl E6
Shoe E8
Spy Glass G7
String of Lights C3
Sugar Bowl D6
Tassels E4
Teacup G6
Toy Boat F8
Trunk F6
Tureen B9
Vase E5
Whisk Brush C9
Whistle D9
Wine Glass F7

*** Bonus: Play Cello ***
Grab bow F2
Play Cello A7

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