Hidden Chronicles Guide to Trophy and Scoring System and Get Higher Score

Hidden Chronicles is a social hidden object game developed by Zynga. Trophies in this game is a major ranking system used in Hidden Chronicles. In this blog post guide to Hidden Chronicles, I will decipher and explain everything related to trophies, and the scoring system that associates with each scene. Lastly I will provide you with useful and practical tips to earn the highest scores possible and beat all your friends at the game. Don’t forget to check out my other useful Hidden Chronicles guides.

Purpose of Hidden Chronicle Trophies

Expand into Additional Areas

With additional trophies earned, you can expand into more estate areas that you can build other buildings as well as placing the decorations. In addition, some of these new areas may provide you with rewards such as additional trees and structures to boost your Estate Points further.

In-Game Hidden Chronicles Leaderboard

The in-game leaderboard is ranked by how many trophies that you have earned in game. By earning more trophies, you would be on the top of the leaderboard which may increase the chance of your estate being visited by other players. It is good practice to get as many trophies as possible in Hidden Chronicles so that you are the top of the pack.

Trophy and Scores

You will earn up to 5 trophies for each scene that you earn points towards. The points are earned collectively based on your total Hidden Chronicles score. Meaning that the score advances collectively. However, you still want to try to earn as high score as possible because the energy that you have in game is limited.

Trophy 1: 260,000 Points
Trophy 2: 300,000 Points
Trophy 3: 1,600,000 Points
Trophy 4: 2,100,000 Points
Trophy 5: 2,600,000 Points

Hidden Chronicles Scoring System

The scoring for each of the scenes can be mainly divided into two parts, the first part is the overall scores that you obtain by completing the scene entirely. The second is the individual parts that you obtain through finding the items. I will discuss and explain how they are calculated below:

The scene performance score is tallied up at the end of each scene. The game will rate and grant you additional scores based your overall scene performance. All these scoring factor play into each other, meaning that although they award you for different actions, they all weave into each other. By perfect all of these techniques will grant you the highest possible scores for the specific scenes.

Base Score

Base score is calculated by the items that you have found in game as well as any combo multiplier that you can obtain.

Object Base Score: This is the base object score that different object in Hidden Chronicle carries, some objects will provide higher default base score because they are harder to find. The objects that are “super clues” which require additional clicks will give you additional points.

Combo Score Bonus: The combo is given when you consecutively find objects within the timer. The timer starts since your previous click and counts down. The combo will end when timer ends unless you can find another object within the alotted time frame. It should be noted that any misclick will instantly end your combo. The combos act as a strong multiplier in which your 6th or 7th consecutive combo will offer you really extensive boost to your base score.

Time Bonus

Speed is number one factor in how your score is given. It is pretty straight forward that the faster you complete each scene, the more scoring bonus that you can obtain. I do not have the exact Hidden Chronicles scoring formula for this, but my speculation is that the score is higher up exponentially if you finish it really fast.

Accuracy Bonus

This is a bonus that is given to you when you do not make many misclicks. The maximum amount of accuracy bonus that you can get in Hidden Chronicle is 10,000 points.

Hint Bonus

This is a bonus given to you when you do not use more than 2 hints. However, if you are aiming for the highest score possible, you probably will not use the hints at all in the first place. You can earn 10,000 points hints bonus if you do not use your alotted Hidden Chronicles hints opportunities.

Practical Tips to Boost Your Hidden Chronicles Score

I have provided a few tips that will definitely enhance and boost your scores. Use and combine all of these practical methods to earn more trophies and beat your friends. It should be noted that although I have included a few tips, the general theme is that it is best if you play a certain scene over and over until you learn where everything is. However, read on to learn the specific details about how to increase your scores.

Avoid Misclicks

Misclicks should be avoided at all costs. Misclick can both lower your accuracy bonus if you misclick too often, it also terminates your bonus counter instantly. Always be accurate and click the hidden objects with 100% rate is the best way to boost your score.

Learn Vocabulary

There are a few hidden objects that are named obscurely, learn what those are and by heart what they look like in game. There might be things that you have no idea what they are and therefore you miss them. Learn all the different objects that are available in game will surely help you increase the score.

Study Map Positions

Play a few scenes over and over until you learn everything and where they are located. There are items in each scene that are hard to find because they are so drawn into the background. By study ahead of time on where they are located, you will enhance your speed and accuracy for higher scores.

Continue the Combo

The combo amount can greatly boost the final score that you have in game, it is good practice that you slow down your click so that you can continue the combo. Look ahead of time on what you are going to click next, you want to continue the combos to get the maximum amount of multiplier score boost. The boost that you will obtain will offset the time that you spend to continue the hidden object combo.

Use Hints

In each scene, you can still use 1 hint without it hurting your hints bonus score, so use it to your advantage. Hints at the right timing can save you and propel your in-game score higher by continue the combo and avoid misclick.

Please feel free to leave any comments if you have your own tips to share, or point out if any of my information is incorrect.


Hidden Chronicles Guide to Trophy and Scoring System and Get Higher Score — 34 Comments

  1. I have been playing for a few years, and know nothing of this trophy stuff.. How do you know how many you have, how do you find out anything…I was never advised of this on the game, and now other ppl are asking me about it to…. Any info would be appreciated…

    • Hello.. You can see Ho many trophys you get at the bottom bar in HC. a Yellow trophy with the nr on the right corner, just next to the pictures (yours and your friends’) on theleft you’ll see a little heart shape with another number (overall reputation).

      You’ll also notice that:

      - Your neighbours going up to the far right of the bar actually have more trophies (the more you have the higher they rank).
      - The reputation score will not go higher then 40 (for some reason they have stoped it there)this is the score you get by visiting your friends dayly.
      - The points neede to get trophy is increased so you actually need 5 600 000 for the last one.
      - You actually get 50 000 for accuracy bonus and if you use hints even once you’ll lose the bonus in the final score..


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