Frequently Asked Questions for Hidden Chronicles

Hidden Chronicles is the latest hidden item game released by Zynga. In this post, you will find many help tips into the common questions that you may have about the game. Please feel free if you would like to add anything or have any questions. I will consistently update this post to answer to more questions or problems that you may have for Hidden Chronicles.

Hidden Chronicles Basics

Finding Hidden Objects
Each scene will have items listed on the bottom of the screen. You will have to look through the items and point them out in game. You can trigger bonuses if you click all the items while the timer is running. However the bonus timer will be set to zero for any incorrect clicks. You can also use the clue option to help you look for items more easily.

How to Earn More Hidden Chronicles Energy
You can earn more Hidden Chronicles energy by visiting neighbors, level up, and gain it naturally through time, lastly you can purchase energy in the marketplace. You will use energy for every Hidden Chronicles scene that you play. You get 1 energy per every 5 minutes.

Buying Decoration Items for Estate
You can purchase all of the decorations in the Market via Coins, Cash, and Reputation points.

How does scene mastery work?
Depending on the actions, time, and accuracy that you take for each scene. You can earn trophies and mastery points. The highest total score for each scene is 2 million points.

What are the Hidden Chronicles Super Clues
You will have to perform 2 or more actions in the scene to complete the super clue. Hidden Chronicles Super Clues are shown with blue text in the scenes.

Hidden Chronicles Mini-Games

Hidden Chronicle mini games are sprinkled throughout the game play when you find all the clues in certain scenes. These games include assemble ripped note and more.

Hidden Chronicles Artifacts

Click on Mansion and then click on the small map in the top right corner. From this map, just select the room that to see its artifacts.

Hidden Chronicles Social Aspect

FastFind Game
In FastFind, points are awarded based on combinations, accuracy, and the total number of items found. You will race with your friends to find the items within 60 sec.

Building Your Hidden Chronicles Estate

Hidden Chronicles Timed Items
Timed items are decoration items that you can find in the market. These items take time to complete.

Crew Buildings
These buildings will require your neighbors to fill in jobs to function. You can also fill in the slot by using Estate Cash.

How to Expand Hidden Chronicles Estate Property
Expand your estate by using Grants. The numbers of grants rise as your Estate becomes bigger. You need to have a certain Estate points in order to expand. The grants can be obtained via Market Place, Gift Request, and Given to Friends as gifts.

How to Get Double Rainbow
We do not know if this trick is intentional or is it a simple programming error. You can obtain the double rainbow after rotating your single rainbow twice to get the double rainbow effects.


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