Complete Hidden Chronicles Quest Guide

This post will have all the quest information for the Zynga Game Hidden Chronicles. use this list to figure out the future quests and rewards that are in game. Because Hidden Chronicles is a social game and quests and rewards to get updated and rebalanced. Please feel free to point out if you experience anything different. I will then go ahead and update the list when applicable.

Please remember to share the list and post the links if you like us.n In addition, please note that I have shortened the quest task descriptions into more readable format. I will delete any nonessential parts for your quick reading and referencing. In addition, more quests will be added as I play through the game, so keep checking back often!

Task #1
Task #2
Unlock Paris BistroPlace Tall Light PostUnlock the Paris Bistro100 Coins
The Scarlet StonesUnlock Paris BistroFind Hidden Objects in
Paris Bistro Scene
Wishing Well
Hone Your SkillsUnlock Paris BistroEarn 2 Trophies on
Orient Express
Tool Belt
Make a Wish and Unlock New ScenesThe Scarlet StonesPlace Wishing WellPlace 4 Yellow Flower Patches200 Coins
20 XP
Thief's LairMake a Wish and Unlock New ScenesUnlock Thief's LairFind Hidden Objects in Thief's LairClassic Arbor


Complete Hidden Chronicles Quest Guide — 5 Comments

  1. I used to get how much more estate points I need to earn to open a new scene … now I dont get this message when i put my cursor on my estate point bar…. so is that normal? …..and I keep adding estate points but i dont know when I will reach the next scene like before
    ..when i put my cursor on the estate point box… i dont find how much more i need for the next scene … instead I get a message telling me how many estate points I have , and thats all ….it has been like that after I placed my Acropolis…..

  2. I have unlocked the Paris Bistro, earned 5 trophies but what do you mean by finding hidden objects? I have not received a wishing well?

  3. I would like to start playing Hidden Chronicles again, but have to many outstanding requests Can you help me move on.

    I would like to keep the storage shed if possible!

  4. I can’t seem to unlock Paris Balcony. When I click on it to find out quest requirements, a dialog box come up saying: “This is embarrassing. The scene ‘Paris Balcony’ does not have a quest dialog associated with it”

    Any idea how I can finish the quest?

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