Complete Estate Points List and Guide for Hidden Chronicles

Estate Points is an important factor of the game that can help you advance further. You need Hidden Chronicles Estate points to unlock new scenes, as well as expand into additional areas. Below is a list of all the items that can provide you with the needed Estate Points. In addition, check List of Hidden Chronicle guides for more helpful tips.

This list of items that offer Estate Points in Hidden Chronicles is preliminary. However, we can make the following observation and statement:

1. Higher level items do not always offer better utility in terms of cost to Estate Point gain.
2. Different categories of items will offer different tiers of Estate Points.
3. Cash decorations and items do offer supreme Estate Points.

Note: This list is a work in progress. More information is being added for the next couple of days. Check back for a more complete list to help you with your Hidden Chronicles gameplay.

If you find this list helpful, please share it with your friends and on blogs. All information is hand typed so feel free to leave any comments if you notice any errors.

Sub Category
(If Applicable)
Tall Light PostDecorationsFurnishings1001010
Wooden BenchDecorationsFurnishings1251210.42
Stone BenchDecorationsFurnishings1751610.93
Patio Dining SetDecorationsFurnishings6806410.63
Marble ArchwayDecorationsFurnishings14 Cash2600.05385
Romantic DinnerDecorationsFurnishings19 Cash3600.05277
Hay BaleDecorationsFurnishings92802411.67
Hanging LightsDecorationsFurnishings127205912.20
Moroccan LampDecorationsFurnishings165403814.21
Wrought-Iron BenchDecorationsFurnishings1711007814.10
Patio Table SetDecorationsFurnishings18210015014
Iron ArchwayDecorationsFurnishings1912508614.53
Gravel PathDecorationsPaths50N/A
Dirt PathDecorationsPaths50N/A
Soft GrassDecorationsPaths15110
Brick WalkwayDecorationsPaths1020120
Stone WalkwayDecorationsPaths1525125
Sports CarDecorationsVehicles10 Cash1850.05405
CarriageDecorationsVehicles21 Cash3900.05385
Compact CarDecorationsVehicles45006272.58
Classic Luxury CarDecorationsVehicles750010571.43
Modern Luxury CarDecorationsVehicles1200013092.31
Luxury SUVDecorationsVehicles17500165106.06
Silver TrailerDecorationsVehicles25255015716.24
Brick WallsDecorationsWalls220239.56
Ranch FenceDecorationsWalls2202011
Stone WallDecorationsWalls3803510.85
Brick GateDecorationsWalls4003910.26
Ranch GateDecorationsWalls4804311.16
Iron FenceDecorationsWalls134203213.13
Iron GateDecorationsWalls148606613.03
Picket FenceDecorationsWalls207204615.65
Picket GateDecorationsWalls2114009414.89
Marble RailingDecorationsWalls228205016.40
Ivy Brick WallDecorationsWalls23160010016
Ivy Brick GateDecorationsWalls24240015016
Short Round HedgeGardeningBushes1351310.38
Short Square HedgeGardeningBushes1601510.67
Short Curved HedgeGardeningBushes1851810.28
Tall Round HedgeGardeningBushes3002512
Tall Square HedgeGardeningBushes3402812.14
Bush 2GardeningBushes3802813.57
Tall Curved HedgeGardeningBushes3803012.67
Maze HedgeGardeningBushes5203813.68
Bush 3GardeningBushes15 Rep6004313.95
Bush 4GardeningBushes21 Rep9205815.86
Cypress TreeGardeningTrees3602514.4
Yellow Beech TreeGardeningTrees4203312.72
Red Fall Beech TreeGardeningTrees4603513.14
Orange Beech TreeGardeningTrees4603313.93
Beech TreeGardeningTrees4803215
Macaw TreeGardeningTrees5 Cash850.05882
Date Palm TreeGardeningTrees6 Cash960.0625
Willow TreeGardeningTrees40006066.67
Oak TreeGardeningTrees16000125128
BambooGardeningTrees18 Rep7605015.2
Lilac TreeGardeningTrees23 Rep10506316.67
Olive TreeGardeningTrees27 Rep13007317.81
Grape VineGardeningTrees29 Rep14507818.59
Yellow Flower PatchGardeningFlowers1001010
Pink Flower PatchGardeningFlowers1601312.31
White Flower PatchGardeningFlowers1851512.33
Pink Rose BushGardeningFlowers2201911.58
White Rose BushGardeningFlowers2402020
Red Flowers PatchGardeningFlowers2401813.33
Red Rose BushGardeningFlowers2802312.17
Bird of ParadiseGardeningFlowers3 Cash600.05
Blue HydrangeaGardeningFlowers16 Rep6604514.67
Lavender PlantGardeningFlowers20 Rep8605515.64
Sun FlowerGardeningFlowers22 Rep9806016.33
Eiffel TopiaryGardeningTopiaries1901413.57
Spiral TopiaryGardeningTopiaries2 Cash450.04444
Violin TopiaryGardeningTopiaries2401714.12
Horse TopiaryGardeningTopiaries9 Cash1700.5294
Crocodile TopiaryGardeningTopiaries5604014
Egg TopiaryGardeningTopiaries7805514.19
Panda TopiaryGardeningTopiaries19 Rep8005315.09
Pawn TopiaryGardeningTopiaries24 Rep11006516.92
Column TopiaryGardeningTopiaries25 Rep11506816.91
Rook TopiaryGardeningTopiaries26 Rep12007017.14
Knight TopiaryGardeningTopiaries28 Rep13507518
Queen TopiaryGardeningTopiaries30 Rep15008018.75


Complete Estate Points List and Guide for Hidden Chronicles — 2 Comments

  1. What would be really useful is a column for estate points per square. That way you can know which features can help you get a really high estate value.

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