Ghosts of Mistwood Strategy Walkthrough

Playing through Ghosts of Mistwood can be challenging if you are new to the whole Facebook game theme. In this guide, Gamelytic will go through major playing point and offers you the different tips and strategies to get through the different Ghosts of Mistwood quests easily. However, you may find these tips a little less helpful if you are an experienced Facebook game player. However, we still offer some lists that may help you with other Ghosts of Mistwood game play. Please check out Gamelytic’s guides to Ghosts of Mistwood under Playdom List of Guides.

Complete Ghosts of Mistwood Quests

Simply following through the different quests offered in Ghosts of Mistwood is the best way to advance through the game. Avoid harvesting the random debris and your income houses unless the quests specifically ask you to do so. By focusing your Ghosts of Mistwood gameplay mainly on the quests, you will earn the most EXP possible while having the least amount of waiting time. The quests are the best way to level up and earn experience points in Ghosts of Mistwood.

Ghosts of Mistwood Lantern Oil

Whenever possible, put some focus on getting more Ghosts of Mistwood Lantern oil. You will be able to obtain decent amount of Lantern oil via completion of quests, however, you will still need to craft some on your own to be able to complete the different areas of the game smoothly. Whenever possible, craft and stock up on more Ghosts of Mistwood lantern oil.

Get More Ghosts of Mistwood Friends

Many of the crafting materials in Ghosts of Mistwood requires your friend to give you as gifts. Therefore it is essential for you to get as many Ghosts of Mistwood friends as possible who play the game. Without active playing friends who gift the crafting materials to each other, you will find yourself stuck all the time in the game.

Timing and Plan Your Game Play Flow

Ghosts of Mistwood is different than alot of other Facebook games that it limits your game play speed by “helper” instead of the typical energy. However, the helpers in Ghosts of Mistwood have various timers that require you to play continuously. When possible, you should focus on the tasks that ask for short time frame while you are by your computer. And do the long time frame crafts and builds when you know you will be AFK. In general, the randomly regenerated Ghosts of Mistwood debris has short time frame and should be dealt with when you have the time.

Take Advantage of “Magic”

Magic is a powerful item that can help you advance faster in Ghosts of Mistwood. Stock up on the magic whenever you can and conserve the magic. With enough magic, you will find yourself blowing through the game content fast. Consider planting a couple of trees and host a few animals to give you all the magic that you will need. Higher level speed ups can cost quite a bit of Magic and you want to start saving Magic early on in Ghosts of Mistwood.

Unlock Helpers First

Throughout your Ghosts of Mistwood quest, you will be able to unlock more helpers in the game. Whenever possible, you should unlock those helpers first as they become available. With more helpers, you can afford to assign them to harder tasks that take up more time. More helpers will help you advance and level up faster, collect materials easily in Ghosts of Mistwood.

Thoughts on Real Cash Spending

Ghosts of Mistwood is actually pretty easy on the amount of money spent. Instead of spending real money, try to get a few more friends into Ghosts of Mistwood. Real Cash for Ghosts of Mistwood gold bars will definitely help you to pass the level faster but they are not necessary.

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