Ghosts of Mistwood Material Collection List

Getting everything needed for different crafts and game requirement can be hard. This useful table will help you collect the different items easily. Please share this table with your Facebook and Playdom’s Ghosts of Mistwood friends. Please feel free to leave any comments if you have found any mistakes. Please also check out the rest of our Ghosts of Mistwood guides listed with other Playdom Game Guides that can help you with your game play!

Ghosts of Mistwood Material List Index

Use search and filter function to search and sort through the different materials in Ghosts of Mistwood. You can also use Ctrl + F to get to the item fast. Please let us know if we have missed anything. You can use this table guide as a reference tool to help you craft items such as Ghosts of Mistwood Lantern Oil.

It should be noted that for Duplex and Bungalows has a total max limit of 9 for the two buildings combined.

(Limit 2)
12 Hours3 sec1 Flour00
Corrupted TreeGeneratesAutomatically5 Seconds2 Wood Scraps12
Cotton250Market1 Minute1 Cotton1
Golden Rod90Market16 Minutes 40 Seconds1 Golden Rod Flower1
Large Stone PileGeneratesAutomatically3 Seconds1 Salt12
Mangled WeedGeneratesAutomatically3 Seconds1 Wood Scrap12
Nightshade100Market20 Minutes1 Nightshade Pod1
Parsley65Market6 Minutes 40 Seconds1 Parsley Leaf1
RubbleExplore3 Seconds1 Rock12
Small Stone PileGeneratesAutomatically3 Seconds1 Salt12
Violet Bells300Market30 Minutes1 Violet Bell2
Owl901 Minute12 Seconds1 Owl Feather41
CattailsGeneratesAutomatically5 Seconds1 Wood Scrap52
Flower ClusterGeneratesAutomatically5 Seconds1 Wildflower52
ForgeFound1 Hour1 Hour15 Metal Bits5100
HorseshoesGeneratesAutomatically5 Seconds3 Metal Bits52
Large Willow WispGeneratesAutomatically5 SecondsCoin/Magic522
Scrap MetalGeneratesAutomatically12 Seconds2 Metal Bits52
Small Willow WispGeneratesAutomatically3 SecondsCoin/Magic522
Old CoinsGeneratesAutomatically5 SecondsCoins102
White Owl5 Minutes1 Minute1 White Owl Feather105
Large corrupted TreeGeneratesAutomatically1 Hour5 Wood Scraps25105
Cozy Cottage
(Limit 1)
Start12 Hours3 SecondsCoin26
Peach Tree851 Hour12 Seconds1 Peach4542
Duplex4 Hours3 SecondsCoins518
Black Cat17030 Minutes5 Minutes1 Furball8826
Silver Cat30 Minutes5 Minutes1 Furball826
(Limit 1)
6 Hours3 SecondsCoins10010
Clock Tower
(Limit 1)
6 Hours3 SecondsCoins10010
DairyFound12 Hours2 Seconds1 Cheese100
Leather Tanning Rack
(Limit 2)
4 Hours3 Seconds10 Leather straps1005
SwampFound1 hour1 Hour1 Cool Water100250
(Limit 4)
24 Hours1 Raw Energy100
(Staff 2)
1443 Hours3 SecondsCoins1056
Apple Tree2051 Hour 30 Minutes2 Minutes1 Apple, 1 Apple Core10644
Carriage House
(Staff 2)
30412 Hours3 SecondsCoins1278
Magical WillowFound1 Hour1 HourCoin/Magic127825
Fig Tree2902 Hours5 Minutes1 Fig15257
Wishing WellFound1 Hour1 HourCoins16315
Crape Myrtle Tree4004 Hours20 Minutes1 Myrtle Flower175620
Dogwood Tree5005 Hours30 Minutes1 Dogwood Flower175620
Southern Magnolia Tree3503 Hours10 Minutes1 Magnolia Flower175620
(Staff 2)
2256 Hours5 SecondsCoins17614
Bungalow3 Hours2 SecondsCoins2001
Copperpod Tree6005 Hours45 Minutes1 Copperpod Flower200825
Money TreeCraft1 Hour1 HourCoins2005
Horse2301 Hour10 Minutes1 Horse Hair241512
Fox4001 Hour 30 Minutes15 Minutes1 Fox Hair275715
Rabbit4502 Hours20 Minutes1 Whisker3151018
(Staff 6)
8003 Hours3 SecondsCoins325
(Staff 4)
7003 Hours3 SecondsCoins32534
(Staff 4)
6083 Hours3 SecondsCoins32534
Kennel12506 Hours3 SecondsCoins32534
Outdoor Cinema
(Limit 1)
12 Hours3 SecondsCoins40010
Jazz StageFound12 Hours3 SecondsCoins46221
ManorFound24 Hours3 SecondsCoins46221
(Staff 6)
Found24 Hours3 SecondsCoins50010
Candy ShopFound6 Hours3 SecondsCoins70010
Astrology TowerFound6 Staff24 HoursSpecial
Bird BenchFound1 HourSpecial
Medicine Wagon
(Limit 2)
Patriotic GazeboVaryCraft
(Limit 2)
(Limit 3)
Clover20Market1 Minute1 Clover Blossom1
Compost PileFound24 Hours1 Hour1 Fertilizer
Sage5Market12 Seconds1 Sage Leaf1
Scarlet Buckeye200Market13 Minutes 20 Seconds1 Buckeye Petal1
Thyme180Market10 Minutes1 Thyme Flower1


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