Ghosts of Mistwood Lantern Oil and Charm Guide

Lantern Oil is important in Ghost of Mistwood for you to explore the fog area. In Playdom’s GOM, you will use some Lantern Oil every time you explore a new fog area. In the guide below, we will discuss everything that you need to know earning Lantern Oil and Charms in the game. Please share this guide with your friends if you have found it useful, in addition, please also check out our complete list of Ghosts of Mistwood guides listed under Playdom Game Guides written to help you progress in the game.

How to Get More Ghosts of Mistwood Lantern Oil

Below we will list out all the ways for you to get the lantern oils in Ghosts of Mistwood:

Gaining Levels: When you get a new level up in Ghosts of Mistwood, you will sometimes be rewarded with Lantern oil.

Quest Completion: You earn Ghosts of Mistwood Lantern Oil when you complete the different milestones.

Craft for Lantern Oil: You can craft lantern oils as long as you have enough materials to craft them. Some materials need to be grown or requested with your Ghosts of Mistwood friends.

Purchase w/ Gold: You can purchase Lantern Oil with Real world money gold in the game.

Notes on Lantern Oil Crafting

Build as many work houses and medicine wagons to craft the Lantern Oils. Plan well on when you know you are going to be away from computer. Use that time frame to craft as many oil as you can. The ask buttons appear when you do not have enough crafting materials for the item. Play around with your request queue, gift queue, and available star dust in your Ghosts of Mistwood inventory. Make sure that you always keep a healthy stash of materials to continue crafting Lantern Oils. Use Gamelytic’s Ghosts of Mistwood Crafting Material List to help you.

The large lantern oil batch takes 6 hours 10 minutes plus supplies. And the small batch takes 2 hours 40 minutes plus supplies.

Special Lantern Oil Bug: There is currently a bug where players do not receive the said amount of crafted Ghosts of Mistwood. When this happens to you, you can contact the Playdom support team to credit you back the owed Lantern Oil.

What are Mists of Ghostwood Charms

You can donate the Ghosts of Mistwood charms to the Voodoo Priest in the Voodoo Priest Hut. He will then reward you with a prize. You find the Voodoo Priest Hut in the fog. However it should be noted that not everyone has the same amount.

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    • i have spent hundreds of dollars getting lanterns it is to much can i get any for free

  1. are you suppose to use your ingredients in the inventory
    or are you suppose to just accumulate them?

    what happens after you reach the limit amount

    I don’t want to use them and find out I need to re-get them

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