How to Expand Fast and Easy in Galaxy Life

Galaxy life is the latest strategy game that is fun and graphical. This is a guide that will help you to expand faster and more efficiently in game.

Keep the Colony Shield Up

The beginner Galaxy Life colony shield is important to help you completely build up your Galaxy Life base. Take full advantage of the beginner protection colony shield. Because you will not get attacked by other human players while you are under protection, you can expand freely without worrying about upgrading your own defenses.

Make Good Use of Galaxy Life Quest Resources

Many of the Galaxy Life quests will provide you with valuable resources so that you can expand faster. These quest bonuses will offer great coins and minerals boost to help you build faster.

Use Minerals to Instant Upgrade

The first base will take a little longer for you to upgrade your buildings, however, as you play through the game, you should obtain plenty of minerals that you can spend for instant builds. Take advantage of those instant buildings to build fast in game.

Attack Often for Galaxy Life Resources

Learn the art of attacking other players in order to gain maximum resources possible. Hand pick targets to target resource hogs so that you can gain resources for your own galaxy, planet, and resources.

Second Galaxy Life Colonies

Soon into the game, you should obtain your additional colonies to earn resources faster. Without the resources, you cannot expand fast in Galaxy life. Conquer more areas and keep them. You will need the additional compact houses and storage buildings in order to reach for further upgrades.

Obtain More Workers

Galaxy Life Workers are also important for you to keep up with your building construction as well different building upgrades. Try to obtain as many workers as you can early in the game.

Strategies Unit Placement

Really spend the time to study how each Galaxy Life combat units move and function. Strategize the numbers of units that you send as well as how they behave. You want to spend the least numbers of units possible to gain maximum battle loots.

Play Often and Keep the Upgrades Going

Play all the time to keep upgrading and building buildings. Collect as many resources as you possibly can. The more you play, the faster and more efficient that you can expand. You need to play as often as possible especially at lower levels where you have to collect from houses and mines every hour.

Keep the Defense Up

You cannot expand in the game when your resources are constantly being drained by attacks. Do not appear to be a weakling by fully upgrade your defense turrets. Keep the defense up all the time and protect your turf.

Obtain More Galaxy Life Friends and Allies

There are many items in game that you can get by tending to your allie’s planet. Try to gain as many galaxy life friends as you can. You will need all the neighbor items possible to expand fast in Galaxy Life. This is a social game after all and it is good to have many friends to help each other.


How to Expand Fast and Easy in Galaxy Life — 3 Comments

  1. I think that for newbies that you should attack other people who dont play. It is easy to destroy the cities so yeah. you should also put your star base in a corner and put 2 turrents there and level 2 walls and ya. i recomend the game Dragons of Atlantis

    • you can and cannot
      to make it bigger you need to buy the observatory for 750,000 coins and takes 2 days to build
      then to get 1 more planet so you have 2 you pay 66,00 coins and minerals

      keep upgrading to colonise new planets

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