Hiding Coins from Attack in Galaxy Life

This is a practical tip that can protect your coins from being stolen in Galaxy life. By the time that you can be attacked by human players, you should have noticed that coins do not come easy in game. So you would like to prevent enemies from looting the coins from you.

What you can do is to fully fill out your warp gates with cheap galaxy life units such as marine. Then you can start making the most expensive units and let them queue inside the training camp.

Note that these units will not be made because they are under queue, however your coins have already been paid to the system. At this time your coins are in limbo where your enemies cannot touch them when they attack your galaxy life planet.

By doing this technique, you can safely protect a big chunk of your coin storage.


Hiding Coins from Attack in Galaxy Life — 7 Comments

  1. However, it is not fool-proof. They can destroy your Warp Gate and even though they did not get the coins, you still lose the coins as the troops are produced due to the empty space in the Warp Gate.

    • Actually it is (at least until the team marks this as an exploit ;)). The Warp Gate(s) will be destroyed when you log back in so there won’t be any actual free space in them until they are fixed. To prevent troops from being built, just cancel out everything you queued. You’ll have plenty of time to do it, as repairing the gate without any help takes a few minutes.

      On the other hand, filling my gates with marines lvl 3 costs me 12800 (2x gates of 320 capacity, with 200 cost per troop), but that’s a price I’m willing to pay if it saves me hundreds of K whenever I risk attack.

      Great job on the find! Can’t get more useful than this.


    • There’s also another benefit to this tactic, which is making profit. Try synchronizing the filling of the training camp with the upgrade of the unit type you are storing. You can squeeze a few (even a lot for more advanced units) extra coins from the price difference between levels.

      To give an example, you can fill your camp with level 3 units right before the upgrade to level 4 finishes. After it’s done and you cancel them, you actually receive the level 4 refund of that unit.

      Pretty neat!

  2. I have a question. If I queue a bunch of marines while they’re level 1, then I upgrade to level 2, will the marines be made as level 2?

    What if I already have them in my warp gate at lvl 1, then I upgrade? Will the already-made marines gain a level? Thanks!

  3. If you put marines in your warp gate(s) how about just leave it empty and when you play just fill it up with stuff you need and use them right away then you will waste no money.

  4. i used my galaxy chips to activate the shield for 4 days, but for some reason i cannot log into my game, and it also said this: “We are under attack so we can’t access our planet! Let’s try again in a few minutes” Can anyone tell me what the heck is that suppose to mean!!!

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