Galaxy Life Guide to Building Upgrades

Every building in Galaxy Life can be upgraded into higher forms. These upgrades will provide various boosts that will make you more powerful in the Galaxy Life empire. In this post I will describe to you the main benefits of upgrading different buildings.

For the exact upgrades and cost, check out my Galaxy Life building list:

General Upgrade Boost

In general, all the upgrades that you do will increase the HP of your Galaxy Life Buildings. The more HP that you have, the more likely that your defenses can kill the invading forces. However, you need to note that your HP will also play a part of your galaxy life colony shield protection.

Star Base Upgrades

Star base is the heart of your Galaxy life planet. By upgrading your star base, you will have access to additional buildings and more upgrades. Always upgrade your star bases when you have enough galaxy life resources.

Compact House and Mines

The main resource generator of Galaxy Life. Upgrade these buildings as soon as you can to gather coins and minerals. The upgrades will help you to generate coins and minerals at faster rate as well as additional storage. You will not have to play as often once you have fully upgraded your compact houses and mines.

Bank and Silo

The storage buildings that can hold on to additional coins and minerals. As you expand further in game, you will need to have more storage to be able to upgrade and build higher level buildings.

Warp Gate

Upgrading this building can enable you to send out additional combat units. Upgrade your warp gates to unleash more units and destroy enemy star bases. Because of the colony shield problem, you want to try to be able to take down your enemies before their colony shield comes into effect.

Training Camp, Factory, and Starport

These Galaxy life buildings can be upgraded to obtain additional queues. However, I do not personally find these upgrades useful because you have many buildings that can pump out your battle units fast. Additional queues are not really necessary.


This is a mid level building upgrade that you need to do in game. The additional Laboratory level can enable you to upgrade your individual combat units further.

Defense Towers

The defense towers in game include the following buildings: Cannon Blast, Sniper Tower, Laser Tower, Missile Launcer, and Mortar. These are the primary defense that your planet needs to fend off enemy invasions. Upgrading these buildings can increase the building’s damage and range, in addition to HP.


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