Galaxy Life Complete Quest List

This post will detail all the quests that you will have as well as the reward for the quest of facebook game Galaxy Life. Use this list to plan out the resources that you may obtain for completing various tasks and milestone quests.

More Galaxy Life quest information will be added as I play through the game.

Quest Name
Save the Starlings 1/10Level 2Build Training CampTrain 3 Marines
Save the Starlings 2/10Save the Starlings 1/10Spy Firebit's Planet2,000 Minerals
Save the Starlings 3/10Save the Starlings 2/10Build 2 Sniper TowerResist Pirate's Attack5,000 Minerals
Save the Starlings 4/10Save the Starlings 3/10Activate LootersTrain 7 Looters6,000 Minerals
Save the Starlings 5/10Save the Starlings 4/10Deploy 7 Looters to Sparragon's PlanetLoot 1200 CoinsLoot 700 Minerals9,500 Mineral
Save the Starlings 6/10Save the Starlings 5/10Activate FlamethrowersTrain 10 Flamethrowers12,500 Mineral
Save the Starlings 7/10Save the Starlings 6/10Deploy 10 FlamethrowerDeploy 15 BazookaDestroy Sparragon's Base15,500 Mineral
Save the Starlings 8/10Save the Starlings 7/10Upgrade 1 Sniper Tower to Level 2Upgrade 1 Cannon Blast to Level 2Resist Firebit Attack6,000 Mineral
Save the Starlings 9/10Save the Starlings 8/10Train 20 FlamethrowerTrain 10 Bazooka
Get Extra Storage 1Level 2Build 1 BankCollect 60 Coins4,500 Coins
MineralsGet Extra Storage 1Build 1 MineCollect 3 Minerals1,500 Coins
Upgrade Your Star BaseMineralsUpgrade Star Base to Level 2Train 5 Marines1,000 Coins
Get Extra Storage 2Upgrade Your Star BaseBuild 1 SiloCollect 60 Minerals6,000 Coins
We Need More ResourcesGet Extra Storage 2Own 3 MinesOwn 3 Compact HousesCollect 150 Coins6,000 Coins
Improving Our TroopsWe Need More ResourcesTrain 5 Marines12,500 Coins
Explore New StarsImproving Our TroopsBuild one observatoryGet one ColonyCollect 1000000 coins31,000 Mineral
Fun GuaranteedWe Need More ResoursesBuild one SwingVisit one friend's Planet3,000 Coins
Get Extra Storage 3Fun GuaranteedUpgrade BankUpgrade SiloCollect 150 Coins9,500 Coins
We Need More ResourcesGet Extra Storage 3Own 6 MinesOwn 6 Compact HouseCollect 400 Coins20,000 Coins
Visit ElderbyGet Extra Storage 1Visit ElderbyFind a Cool item on Friend's Planet2,000 Coins
Hire a Worker!Visit ElderbyCollect 30 CoinsHire a new worker3,000 Coins
Cleaning UpHire a Worker!Clear 1 Spirocles SmallClear 1 Frog RockClear 1 Small Crater2,000 Coins
CollectionistCleaning UpTrade in the Idol Collection1,000 Coins
Operation DefenseCollectionistOwn 2 Cannon BlastsTrain 2 Marines2,500 Minerals
More Warp GatesOperation DefenseHave 2 Warp GatesTrain 5 Looters5,000 Minerals
Find a ChipMore Warp GatesFind a Chip by Recycle2,000 Coins
Protect the PlanetFind a ChipBuild a Wall with 5 BlocksTrain 3 Marines5,000 Coins
War SuppliesProtect the PlanetGet 1 Missile Box
(Destroy Enemy Compact House)
Get 1 Missile Pack
(Destroy Enemy Star Base)
Get 1 Engine
(Destroy Enemy Mine)


Galaxy Life Complete Quest List — 11 Comments

  1. My mission to save the starlings 8/10 is okay, but I can not attack the firebird, the following message appears:

    • can anyone help me?
      – how can i get 1 alliance reward?
      – and how can i do misson 4/10 trainings days

      i need the alliance item for many upgrades o_O


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