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Collecting all of those butterflies can be a time consuming task which can take alot of time if you do not play wisely in the game. In this guide, we will go over several game play tips to help you master the process. Use all of these tips to beat your friends at collecting all of the butterflies in this fun Flutter: Butterfly Sanctuary game.

Upgrade Your Pollen Flowers Early

The only time that you should really spend your valuable Flutterbucks is to upgrade your pollen flowers. Upgrading your pollen flowers can generate more pollen faster and spend less honeydew in return. Your goal is to max upgrade your pollen flowers as fast as you can so that you will have unlimited pollens to upgrade all of your butterflies in Flutter: Butterfly Sanctuary.

Only Use Upgraded Pollen Flowers for Pollen Shift

After upgrading the pollen flowers, your next task is to actually use them. In addition to only use upgraded pollen flowers to cut down your honey dew spending, aim for the fastest 30 sec pollen shift because it generates the most amount of pollens per honeydew spent. Your goal is to save as much honey dew as you can to unlock and clear additional forests.

Save Your Pollens for Instant Level Up

Although you should gather as much pollens as you can, you should actually hold off on leveling your butterflies as soon as you gather the pollen. It is better to save some of those pollens, and let your butterflies eat them when you have duplicates. This way you can always fuse your butterflies to get to the next level without having to wait for pollens. During our play, we never had any duplicate butterflies because we were always able to fuse them with our huge supplies of pollens.

Hurry Low Time to Get Flutterbucks From Achievement

At the beginning of the game, you can get a few flutterbucks fast by “hurry” the various timers. Now, make sure that you only hurry the timers that require you 1 flutterbuck. This is because most of the rewards only give you 2 free flutterbucks, you do not want to waste those flutterbucks.

Keep Your Attraction Hole Working

Always keep your butterfly attractions working. If you keep them working at all times, you will always have chances to attract rare butterflies that you have never had before. The more Butterfly Sanctuary attraction attempts that you do, the more likely that you can complete set and rely less on actually using the attraction flowers.

Maximize Your Butterfly Queue

Similar to how you should always keep the attractions going in Flutter, you should always have a full fleet of butterflies to generate honeydew for you. Never place them in storage unless you absolutely have to. Leaving them outside in the forest can generate the honeydew that you need to unlock additional forest spaces. The faster you unlock and expand the forest, the faster your butterflies will grow.

Fuse Your Attraction Flowers for 100%

Keep your eyes out to collect from the various petals in the forest. Your goal is to create 100% petals so that you can make the species that you have not breed yet. You want to always use the 100% attraction flowers to get 100% chance. If you do not, you are better off using the random generator in Flutter: butterfly sanctuary.

Lay Eggs for Fusing Purposes

During mid game, you may want to fully fuse your butterflies to complete your sets. You can consider laying eggs to get the exact duplicates of the flowers. However, the egg laying in Flutter will require 1 flutter bucks.

Complete Your Achievements

If you do not plan to spend real money on Flutterbucks, the best and sure way to get more flutterbucks is through the completion of various achievements. You can refer to our Flutter: Butterfly Sanctuary achievement list to help you.

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Game Play Tips | Flutter: Butterfly Sanctuary — 19 Comments

  1. I have over 2500 points and have not been able to retrieve ANY of my flutter bucks for when you upgrade a butterfly. Is there any way to retrieve those flutter bucks or are they lost to the forest? How can I gather any future flutter bucks from upgrading?

  2. I am not getting credit for upgrading my butterflies with flutter bucks. This is making the process of growing my butterflies very long and tedious. Is there any way to get the flutter bucks back, or at least get credit from here on out?

  3. I have a glitch in mine. My lower flower has duplicated its self. Sometimes I can pop it and sometines I can’t. Drives me nuts but I am trying to use it to my advantage. Will I ever be able to move flowers? And what does the forest look like cleared?

  4. So, I have been playing flutter and have gotten really far. But i noticed a white part in a vine area. I have no idea what it is. It has popped up in mine and my grandmas. I’m at level 2,060. If anyone has any idea what this is they can email me at thank you all.

    • It will soon reveal a wisp event. Mother wisp is in there and will release wisps which you can catch for flowers.

  5. My santuary and storage is full should I sell my fully fused butterfly’s or wait to increase my santuary to get more space? & if I sell my fully fused butterfly’s will it go from my achiement book thingy or do I keep every butterfly??

    • You need the leaves and sap along with the twigs to expand storage. For example if you have a bunch of twigs but no sap or leaves, you won’t be able to expand storage until you get enough sap and leaves as well.

  6. How do use Butterflies abilities and how do I set a 20 hour shift? These are two goals I can’t figure out. Thank you!

    • Hi Julie,
      The 20 hr shift is accomplished by having a fully upgraded flower and enough honeydew to buy it. I have yet to figure out how to use the abilities either. Hope that helps.

    • Abilities are found on maxed event (leafwing and perisama) butterflies only. For example the maxed Glauce Leafwing’s ability is to hurry a caterpillar once per 24h and the maxed Lilac-Banded Perisama is to lay an egg for free once per 7 days.

      Technically the game shows an ability symbol for the maxed butterflies of any set (the ability being the +5% honeydew for all others in the set), but that doesn’t count for the achievement.

    • I know for 20 hour shift you bye the 3,000 shift on one of your plollon flowers and I think to use your butterfly’s ability is to go on missions from the bird you unlock

  7. Few more tips that will help you as of 22.03.2013.

    Set bonuses – the 5% maxed out butterfly set honey bonus works only when that butterfly is out in the forest. In storage it gives 0%.

    Set bonus and duplicates/triplicates – every maxed level duplicate/triplicate that is out in the forest gives extra 5% honey creation to all set butterflies in that set. For the variance purposes and also how easy it is to reproduce under control (ie lay eggs, egg cost, using flowers etc) the best bet is Wayang set. Having a full maxed out set and a duplicate of every 4 common Wayang butterflies gives you 50% extra honey for all Wayang set butterflies. For comparison – Blue Morpho gives you 1188 honey in 18 hours, the set bonus with given duplicates gives you 1365 extra honey in 3 hours if you play actively.

    Bugs, seeds and petals – if you want to clear the forest faster, these are very important honey makers, but it requires active playing. Average seed flower gives you ca 500 honey, petals 150-200 and 1 flutterbuck after 4th hit, bugs give various amounts depending on your total level but for example at lvl 1000 they give you sometimes 100 honey for one tap. Looking at Blue Morpho again, you can make the same amount of honey in 10 mins when tapping bugs and seeds and petals that Blue Morpho gives you in 18 hours.

    Your level – if you get unwanted butterfly from the incubator, always level it to the next level before selling. You get +2 to your own total level with that which stays after the selling. Also, you get more honey as the selling price which covers the cost of the pollen most of the time.
    Also, if you have enough storage room, keep the unwanted quick-evolving butterlies, like BD, Pale Sulphur or Dotted Border for later fusions/levels. If you get 2 of their eggs from the incubator, you can lay 3 eggs at the cost of 1 Flutterbuck each and still break even as their sell for 3 Flutterbucks each at full level. You lose only few pollen, but at max level get +10 extra (for these butterflies mentioned) to your total level.

    Best, Jaak

    • How do you get the butterfly to go out in the Forrest? I am at the first kingfischer mission and the butterfly is not leaving the normal game play section. Where is the exit place?

    • Batya1954
      You may have found out by now how to send your butterfly in its mission, but in case you haven’t (and for others who don’t know) click on the bird again after placing the butterfly and look at the bottom of your screen (where you would see the option for fuse and such). You will see the option to send it on the mission. Click that and it will go. Then you just wait until the timer runs out and it will come back.

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