Fish with Attitude Complete Fish Breeding Guide

Fish with Attitude is another monster breeding game on the apple iphone or ipad. In this guide, we will go over the various breeding combinations to help you get all the different fish breeds in the game. Please let us know if we have missed any of the breeding combinations. If you have found this Fish with Attitude breeding guide helpful, please be sure to check out the rest of our Mobile game guides!

For the more rare fish breeds, the happier the fish parents are, the more likely that you will obtain the rare hybrids. So always try to keep your fishes happy in the game.

In addition, try get as many breeding tanks as you can. This is one of the best way to get more breeds going at the same time. This is how you can get all the Fish with Attitudes breeds in the game.

Basic Fish with Attitude Breeds

Below is a list of the basic fishes that you will have to buy to start your breeding.

Nice Fish
Mean Fish
Brave Fish
Shy Fish
Smart Fish
Creative Fish

Generation 1 Fish with Attitude Breeds

Nice Fish Generation 1 Hybrids
Nice + Mean = Crazy
Nice + Brave = Flirty
Nice + Shy = Pretty
Nice + Smart = Funny or Greedy
Nice + Creative = Clown

Mean Fish Generation 1 Hybrids
Mean + Nice = Crazy
Mean + Brave = Tough
Mean + Shy = Rebel
Mean + Smart = Greedy
Mean + Creative = Paparazzi

Brave Fish Generation 1 Hybrids
Brave + Nice = Flirty
Brave + Mean = Tough
Brave + Shy = Dreamy
Brave + Smart = Cool
Brave + Creative = Cheerleader

Shy Fish Generation 1 Hybrid
Shy + Nice = Pretty
Shy + Brave = Dreamy
Shy + Mean = Rebel
Shy + Smart = Nerdy
Shy + Creative = Dancer

Smart Fish Generation 1 Hybrids
Smart + Mean = Greedy
Smart + Nice = Funny or Greedy
Smart + Brave = Cool
Smart + Shy = Nerdy
Smart + Creative = Artist

Creative Fish Generation 1 Hybrids
Creative + Mean = Paparazzi
Creative + Nice = Clown
Creative + Brave = Cheerleader
Creative + Shy = Dancer
Creative + Smart = Artist

Generation 2 Fish with Attitude Hybrids

We have categorized the generation 2 fishes with a generation 1 hybrid plus a single personality fish. Some of these combinations can creative multiple results. In addition, they breeds with higher level tier fish (Generation 3+) will also result in generation 2 fish often. If you do not obtain a certain breeds, just keep on trying until you can get them.

Crazy (Nice + Mean) + Brave = Adventure
Crazy (Nice + Mean) + Shy = Gossip
Crazy (Nice + Mean) + Creative = Movie Star
Crazy (Nice + Mean) + Smart = Salesman (Also Greedy + Rockstar)
Funny (Nice + Smart) + Creative = Astronauts (Also Wizard + Salesman)
Tough (Brave + Mean) + Shy = Evil
Tough (Brave + Mean) + Smart = Mad Scientist or Robber (Also Adventure + Cool)
Tough (Brave + Mean) + Creative = Pirate (Also Wizard + Gossip)
Dreamy (Shy + Brave) + Smart = Hobo
Dreamy (Shy + Grave) + Creative = Wizard
Nerdy (Shy + Smart) + Creative = Designer (Also Artist + Model)
Cool (Brave + Smart) + Creative = Cowboy
Pretty (Nice + Shy) + Creative = Model
Pretty (Nice + Shy) + Smart = Secret Agent
Flirty (Nice + Brave) + Shy = Party
Flirty (Nice + Brave) + Creative = Rock Star (Also Flirty + Clown)
Flirty (Nice + Brave) + Smart = President (Also Greedy + Rock Star and Adventure + Cool)
Rebel (Mean + Shy) + Creative = Ninja (Also Wizard + Salesman = Ninja)
Greedy (Nice + Smart) + Creative = Pop star (Also Wizard + Salesman)

Generation 3 Hybrid Fish with Attitudes Breeding

The generation 3 fishes are the hybrids of Generation 2 fish plus generation 1. In most of the cases, you can obtain these high level fish through luck. The chance of getting these is pretty rare and not 100%. Simply keep on trying to breed using these combinations until you obtain the hybrid.

It is interesting that these tiers are typically the fairytale like creatures.

Fairy: Rock Star + Pop Star
Vampire: Pirate + Astronaut
Werewolf: Model + Astronaut
Unicorn: Designer + Model or Pop Star + Model

Generation 4 Fish with Attitude Breeds

With generation 3 fish hybrids, you can create these higher level fish through breeding.

Angel: Vampire + Werewolf (However, Rock Star + Pop Star has small chance of getting angel as well)
Devil: Vampire + Werewolf
Ghost: Fairy + Werewolf

Generation 5 Breed – The Valuable Stone Series

By combining the spirit fish from the generation 4 fish breeding, you can create these rare stone fish.

Ruby: Devil + Ghost
Diamond: Angel + Ghost

Generation 6 Ultimate Breed

Congratulations, you have reached the end of the game at the time this guide is written. This is the ultimate fish that is currently available in the game. You can get the Fish with Attitude Galaxy fish with the following combo.

Galaxy: Diamond + Ruby


Fish with Attitude Complete Fish Breeding Guide — 63 Comments

    • hey to breed cop and greedy you get pop star op dancer how do i know idk cause i have them myself lol kaykaykayleigh land out need anymore help txt me bck or email me at lool me out myself

    • You can get it for 900 coins. Also, if you are trying to breed a rare fish and you are not that lucky, you might get one of the basic. Fish like Nice, Mean, Brave, Smart, or Creative. It happens to me sometimes.

    • Well, first you breed the shy fish with the nice fish and you get the pretty fish and breed that with the mean fish

    • they dissapeared well maybe cause they moved tanks cause my rare angel and my ghost dissapeared seems how they really didnt they switched tanks if not Idk i dont know what to say……………………………… peeps………………………..

    • I think u need to back up your iPad more often. I back mine up once per month. It saves u from losing important data, but now it’s too late. You’ll just have to breed them again, but don’t forget the backup!

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  2. I need the angel fish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Please, if you have an angel fish PLEASE give me it, I’ll give all my pearls! Also add me on Facebook, if you dare, yxu70
    Bye peeps

    • Galaxy fish to hard to get also some of the older ones like tiger and witch

  4. Is there any other combination besides smart/creative to breed an artist fish. I’m at my 15th time breeding this w/out any luck.

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