Dungeon Rampage Weapon and Modifier Guide

Getting stronger gears and weapons is essential in Dungeon Rampage. In this comprehensive weapon guide, we will go over everything that you need to know about how the weapons work in the game. Please feel free to leave any comments if you have any additional thoughts. Please share this guide with your Facebook and Dungeon Rampage game friends if you have found this guide useful. Please also check out the rest of our Dungeon Rampage guides for more helpful tips and information!

Having and equipping strong weapons is essential to become a better player in Dungeon Rampage.

Basic Weapon Overview

You will be able to earn Dungeon Rampage weapons when you open up the chests. The chests will require keys to be bought with either Dungeon Rampage gold coins or gems. Advanced chests typically give you better gears with stronger attacking capability. The best way to get weapon is by “NOT” opening any of the common chests and save your Dungeon Rampage gold for Uncommon chests or higher. Below are some basic concepts on what you need to know about the Dungeon Rampage weapons.

Dungeon Rampage Weapons and Their Classes
Depending on the weapons that you get, only specific Dungeon Rampage hero classes can equip certain weapons. The categories are listed as followed. It should be noted that some weapon categories are shared between the classes. We have also note the type of weapon type that these are.

We can categorize the Dungeon Rampage weapons into 4 major categories: Tap, One Hit Wonder, Support, and Throwing. The Tap weapons are the ones with no cool down and you just tap to attack. One hit wonders typically use some MP, requires 1~2 seconds cooldown, and deal massive damage. The Dungeon Rampage support weapons include the scrolls that give HP or disable enemies. Lastly, you have the throwing weapons which require little MP, is ranged but deal less damage, and has no cooldown time period.

Axe Weapons (Tap): Berserker
Hammer Weapons (One Hit): Berserker
Heavy Throwing (Ranged): Berserker
Bow Weapons (Tap) (Ranged): Ranger
Sword Weapons (One Hit): Ranger, Vampire Hunter, Ghost Samurai
Magic Scrolls (Support): Ranger, Sorcerer
Lightning Staves (Tap):Sorcerer
Lightning Magic (One Hit)´╝ÜSorcerer
Meat Cleaves (Tap): Battle Chef
Cooking Items: Battle Chef
Frying Pan Weapons: Battle Chef
Crossbow Weapons (Tap) (Ranged): Vampire Hunter
Hunter Traps (Support): Vampire Hunter
Katana Weapons (Tap): Ghost Samurai
Light Throwing (Ranged): Ghost Samurai

Weapon Stats
There are only a few weapon stats that you will be able to tell from simply looking at it. These stats are the weapon level requirement, weapon attack, and weapon type. These stats are pretty straight forward.

Modifiers are special stats that are added into the weapons. The modifiers are obtained when you open chests. Uncommon chests give 1 modifier and Rare chests give 2 modifier weapons. We will go over these Dungeon Rampage weapon modifiers in more detail in later part of this guide.

Hidden Weapon Characteristics
These are important weapon specs that cannot be seen until you actually use the weapon. Thus, it is essential for you to always give your new weapons a try before tossing them into the “junk” pile. Lower attack gears can actually do more damage and is more suitable for your playing style. All you have to do is to test these Dungeon Rampage weapons out.

Cooldown: This cooldown is usually imposed on 1 hit wonder weapons.
Combo Style: This hidden stat applies to any of your tapping weapons. By tapping the attack a couple of times, your hero will execute a chain of attacks. Depending on the weapon, the different attack chains have different damage output.
Hit Range: This also requires you to manually test out the weapons to tell. Different weapons have their attack range.
Attack Speed: Some weapons give heroes the ability to attack quite fast. When you break a certain threshold, your hero can attack twice per keyboard key tap.
MP Consumption: This typically applies to one hit weapons, ranged throwing weapons, and “hold” attacks. The amount of MP consumption varies from weapon to weapon.
Element (Strength / Weakness): This one is hard to tell too until you actually use the weapon on specific enemies. For example, Sorcerer’s lightning attacks are effective against some of the ice enemies but weak against the wood enemies.

Dungeon Rampage Weapon Modifiers

The modifiers in weapons are randomly generated. Some stats are better than the others. Depending on the “star” they have. They have stronger and longer lasting effects with more advanced star ranking.

Beefy: Deals ton of damage
Binding: Disable enemy attack for a period of time
Butchers (Meat Cleaver Only): Get better food when enemies die.
Chaining – Projectiles Chain through enemies.
Chargey: Charge attacks quicker.
Clever: Use less mana.
Cooling: Lower enemy movement and attack speed.
Flaming: Put enemies on fire.
Giant’s: Stronger Hit and slow on hit.
Knockback – Knock enemies back.
Noxious: Poison Enemy.
Piercing (Ranged Only): Pierce through first enemy and hits additional. Damage decreases for additional enemy.
Speedy: Attack even faster.
Sticky: Stops enemy from moving for 1.5 sec (Rank 1)
Studious: Use less mana.
Stunning: Stun enemy for 1 sec (Rank 1)
Vicious: Deals Critical Hits (Shown in Orange)

Dungeon Rampage Best Weapon Combinations

Because these weapons typically have their special uses, you can combine different types of weapon types into your ZXC slots to achieve custom Dungeon Rampage weapon builds.

Basic Setup: 1 or 2 Tap Weapons. The rest One Hit, Support Type, or Throwing.
This is the best setup in the game. You could consider equipping 2 tap weapons each with unique modifiers and switch between the two weapons while fighting in dungeons. For example, you can use poison plus binding or slow to deal damage to your enemies.

Support Style
This style will use 2 slots for the healing scrolls. However, this also only applies to the sorcerer class because the Ranger class does not have much maximum MP to make it worthwhile.

One Hit Wonder Combination: 3 One Hit Type Weapons
This style can deal massive amount of damage. However, the MP draw on your character is great. Thus, this is only recommended for the sorcerer style class where you have additional MP regeneration speed from Dungeon Rampage stat builds.

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  1. As the article states, use the weapon to see how effective it is. With this is mind some of your characters stats have a effect on how useful a weapon can be. I have a one shot hammer with a line attack and knockback. It’s a useful weapon but I have alot of stats put into weapon speed/health regen. This makes my hammer shot alot more effective as the line attack goes alot faster and knocks monsters back into the line attack.
    I wonder if there is any missile weapons that can do this? You could pin monsters in corners and against walls if you could.

  2. OK, question here. I have a Ghost Samurai and I know he can use the sword or katana but if the sword has a higher power then the katana, should I go with the sword?

    • In general the katana will have higher damage output because of their attack speed. But it’s best if you test it out! It really depends on the modifier

  3. i was starting to contemplate i could possibly end up being the only man which thought about this, at least now i discover i’m not loonie i will be sure to see some several other blogposts right after i get a little caffeine in me, adios for now

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