Dungeon Rampage Pyromancer Walkthrough Guide

Pyromancer in Dungeon Rampage is the latest addition to its hero roster. In this walkthrough, we will go over the stats and basic of Pyromancer. You will have to make the decision whether or not the Pyromancer is worth the money for you to obtain. If you have found this Dungeon Rampage Pyromancer guide helpful, please be sure to check out the rest of our Dungeon Rampage guides and remember to share them with your online and Facebook friends!

Dungeon Rampage Pyromancer Overview

The latest hero the Pyromancer is very much a more tanky version of the Sorcerer. The Pyromancer cannot use magic scrolls but in return they are able to use a ton of other attacking weapons. Because of such, the low level pyromancers are weaker compared to some of the other Dungeon Rampage classes. But at higher levels Pyromancers can shine with its higher end gears that focus on damaging multiple enemies in Dungeon Rampage at the same time.

Dungeon Rampage Pyromancer Stats and Builds

Same with the other Dungeon Rampage classes, the Pyromancer has 4 trainable stats when they level up. These stats are:

Burning Damage: Increase burning damage over time
Fire Burst Damage: Increase fire burst damage
Mana Upgrade: Increase max mana and mana regeneration
Max Health: Increase the max amount of health

The Best build for Pyromancer is to max out Burning Damage, Mana Upgrade, and Lastly Health. The reason is that you will rely the majority of your damage on the burning. With a firewall damage with max burn, you can almost instantly kill mobs of enemies. The Fire Burst damage is the worst stats because it does not boost your damage all that much.

Dungeon Rampage Pyromancer Weapons

The weapons that pyros can equip include the following gears. We have also noted the type of Dungeon Rampage weapons that these gears fall into:

Runes: Mostly 1 hit weapon with cooldown time.
At the time of testing, there are two kinds of runes. One that turns you into a fireball, and another sets up a fire wall.

Flame Driver: This rune turns you into a fireball that does a rapid advancement. This is a good attack to go through traps. This has a hold down attack which lets you dash twice and leaves a pool of fire after the first dash.
Fire Wall: Sets a firewall attack that lasts about 1 second or so in the area. The hold down attack expand the range of firewall.

Fire Glove: Tap weapon.
This style of weapon throws a ranged fireball. However the attack is weak because of its slow attack speed.

Fire Orbs:
Shooting Star, Meteor: This orb does a 1 hit semi ranged attack. The attack has great damage but requires practice and aiming skill.

Flame Staves:
Flame Burst Staff: This weapon gives pyromancer good aoe attacks around him. This has a hold attack which does 3 repeat burst damage that have really awesome area of effect.

Flame Thrower: This weapon throws a flame pillar that are fairly fast.

Recommended Weapon Setup

After testing with the different combinations, the best is to have two Firewall Runes and 1 Glove weapon. The Firewall does massive damage to mobs of enemy, and having two of them will allow you to switch between the two firewall runes. The glove can help against single enemies when you are low on magpic points.

Pyromancer Dungeon Buster – Flame Vortex

This dungeon Buster move is pretty cool where your hero will rain down fire from hell against your enemies, however the damage is not that great but is useful against mob situations.

Pyromancer Enemy Strength and Weakness

The pyro is typically strong versus ice enemies and have normal resistance against other enemies. However the fire attacks are weak against Dungeon Rampage skeleton enemies.

How to Play Pyromancer

The pyromancer in the game is essentially a mage without healing skills but the ability to train maximum health. At higher levels when you have strong enough gears you will be dishing out tons of damage to multiple enemies at the same time. However at the lower levels you cannot tank and you cannot deal enough damage to kill. The earlier levels of a Pyromancer will be hard.

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Dungeon Rampage Pyromancer Walkthrough Guide — 7 Comments

  1. Been playing the Pyro and having a lot of fun with him. His attacks seem to do extra damage to ice and wood creatures and less damage to skeletons and dinosaurs.

    The Flame Vortex is amazing. It pulls enemies toward you, blasts them with fire, then drops 8 or so meteors around you to further punish your foes.

    I’ve been very happy with the gloves and Flame Pulse staves so far. The gloves are good for basic ranged attacks. I haven’t been impressed with their charge attacks as they take too long to charge up. The Flame Pulse staves do point blank area effect damage. Their charge attack does two blasts, the second one hitting roughly half of the screen! I like to let the enemies chase me while I charge up this attack.

    The skills are pretty nice. One boosts the raw damage that your attack does. Max this. Another boosts the damage over time that you do when you set your foes on fire. I’ve got about 20 or 21 points in each so far and it looks like maxing the DoT will make each ‘tick’ of extra burning damage do a full 100% of the initial damage. That is HUGELY powerful. After maxing those two, the choice between mana and health is yours to make.

    • I have been playing Pyromancer a lot and although I am only level 60 I have experimented with all of its stats. Maxing both damage stats is highly unwise as you become very vulnerable in later stages.

      Soloing will be slow and only doable if you plan on using lots of health bombs or have a very strong weapon that can one hit ko mobs.

      You need Mana in order to use you heavy charge attacks and the Max Health allows you to stay in the fight long enough preform them. Max burning will effect all of your weapons (all your skills are fire based and usually have the buff of burning your victims) and as you start getting rare weapons you will see this will shine more and more…

      Max power however is the worst stat to increase and the points could be used better in Health and Mana – the damage increase is very small.

      Lastly recommended weapons –

      GLOVE is a must have since you will need it for the times you need to kill and run or run out of mana and are waiting for it to recharge.

      FLAME THROWER Id like to point out there are two types of flame thrower. one is flames in an arc and another is a line of flames straight ahead. Though the arc is more common to see there both equally as good at clearing close range mobs.. holding the skill down will consume mana but will usually annihilate the entire mob within a few short seconds.

      BURST RUNE this is the best skill you can possible have. It does take time to load but it has a very large circular AoE attack. This skill can be used through walls making it one of the most used skills when you solo and is the best skill for taking down large monsters you dont want to get close too.

      reasons why its better than the wall is because it has higher initial damage and circular AoE as a posed to the linear AoE of the wall – this effects a larger area and has a more practical use in mob fights.

      Effects to look out for on your weapons -

      Piercing,critical, vicious and burning. having any of or a combination of these skills on a weapon will make them worth having..

      Piercing on the glove combined with burning or Critical is a very lethal combination as you will start hitting multiple targets at a rapid rate and continue either set them a flame or burst out some insane critical hits. as a plus, you will use no mana!!!

      For all the other skills piercing wont show up and burning plus critical and vicious (as they stack) will be what your looking for.

      If you have followed the build above and decided to max out BURNING instead of power…. you will get a lot more out of the burning buff that you will find on most of pyro’s weapons.


      Now im sure a lot of people already know which pet they want but as i have bought all of them recently i just wanted to make some comments on them to help confirm your choices.

      Vorpal bunny –
      this is a highly expensive pet for very little damage. It only valuable asset is that it cant be targeted by the monsters… meaning it is indeed invincible, however it rarely attacks and when it does it only seems to attack one target at a time.

      Rhino -
      This is a Ranged fighters and Pyro’s best friend. first of I cant express how much the rhino helps.

      First of the rhino stomps its feet alerting you when monsters are within range (great signal for you to charge up your best skill) and Secondly this pet tanks for you, stunning the monsters it hits for you to either run away or back it up and kill them.

      Dragon – this is a great damage dealing pet with a fast paced ranged attack, ideal for those melee fighters.

      Wolf -

      Not much to say apart from – dont buy this! and for the people who got the shadow wolf pet (a wolf that can teleport and deal heavy AoE damage) congratz

      Thank you for taking the time to read my comment. Enjoy

  2. I have my pyromancer at lvl 35 right now and all i can say in terms of performance is WOW!! although i made the mistake of maxing the HP first instead of the DOT or overall damage skills, i still do fairly decent damage. love it and recommend this character

  3. the best weapon is the staff that has the straight attack i mean the staff that has straight fire it has a little long range i hate gloves they are weak the best weapon is fire staff that has straight fire and the orb that falls lava im great in aiming when i was training the sorcerer to aim using thunder and the final weapon is the rune that explodes but there are other weapons like fire wall and exploding rune

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