Dungeon Rampage Legendary Weapon

The Dungeon Rampage legendary ranked weapons are the latest update into the game. In this Dungeon Rampage legendary weapon guide, we will go over in detail about what these legendary weapons, how to get them, and whether or not they are worth the hassle and investment. If you have found this guide useful, please check out the rest of our Dungeon Rampage guides!

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How to Get Legendary Weapons

By this time you should know how the weapon system in Dungeon Rampage works. You will have to obtain both the Legendary weapon chest and get the key to open it. After which you will obtain some preselected weapons with random modifier rolls.

How to Get Legendary Chests:
You can obtain the legendary chest by playing through any of the dungeons in the Grindhouse map. I personally like maps that have low numbers of floors. Depending on your classes, you may want to farm the different types of enemies to get the legendary chests fast in Dungeon Rampage. You can also buy the legendary chest from the shop for 600 gems but it is simply a waste of gems. Based on our rough estimate, you should be able to get 1 legendary chest every 10~15 runs.

Legendary Chest Keys:
It costs 125k gold coins to open up legendary chests for the legendary ranked weapons. Because of its cost, you should consider farming for Dungeon Rampage gold fast. It should be noted that the keys are also sold for 150 gems. However, we would almost recommend you to purchase the keys with cash if you are loaded in real life. Based on our estimate, it will take anywhere from 2~4 hours in normal dungeon farming to get that much gold at current game builds.

Is Dungeon Rampage Legendary Weapons Worth It

With the cost of legendary keys priced at 125k a pop, many of the players would wonder if the legendary weapons are worth the farming and investment. Our straight and simple answer is definitely yes. However, we recommend you to start farming and trying for legendary ranked weapons when you have at least 1 Dungeon Rampage hero in level 60+.

Higher Base Damage Output: In general, the base damage of legendary weapons is roughly 30~50% more compared to the gold rare weapons of the same class. This makes the Dungeon Rampage legendary weapons very attractive.

Possible Higher Ranked Modifiers: With this dungeon rampage update, the weapon modifiers now have up to 5 star ranking system. Legendary weapons offer 4~5 star ranking on the weapon mods, which makes them quite stronger compared to the rare gold weapons.

Passive Weapon Modifier: Legendary weapons offer an additional “passive” skill that give your character additional powers. This stat boost is what makes the legendary ranked items alot more special and worthwhile. Please let us know if we missed any of the legendary gear stats.

Midas Touch: Coin modifier to increase gold drop by 5%
Stamina: Increase player health by 10+ weapon level*0.9
Aptitude: Increase player mana by 10+ weapon level *0.4
?: XP modifier to boost XP earned.
Acceleration: Increase movement speed by 10%
Buster Gen: Gain 1 buster point per enemy hit
Barrier: Increases melee defense by 10%
Admiral’s Luck: Decrease damage taken by traps by 25%
Beast Master: Increase pet health by 10+ weapon level*0.9
Animal Fury: Increase pet damage by 20+ weapon level*1.8

Legendary Conclusion for Dungeon Rampage

The legendary weapons are a good update and offer weapons that you definitely should aim for. However, start saving and farming the gears once you have leveled past level 60. Ideally you would want to save up all of your gold and open them up for level 100 gears. The gear stats is greatly dependent on your hero level, because of the cost of the legendary keys, you should focus on farming.

A rule of thumb that we have used is to open enough rare weapons for us to farm efficiently. Save enough coins to open maybe 1~2 legendary gears, then we shoot for level 100 before fully gear our heroes up with level 100 legendary weapons for all three slots. It will take time and patience, however your effort will be worthwhile!


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  1. if my pyro has a legendary weapon that increases coin drop rate of 5%, does this affect my other hero(they too will have a coin drop rate of 5%?

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