Dragons World Breeding Guide

Dragon World is yet another Monster breeding game available to you on Android and App Store. Although the game play and game mechanic is very similar to other titles currently available, we are not here to judge but only to help players in the specific games. In this Dragon World Dragon Breeding guide, we will provide the different breeding combinations for Dragon World on Android and App Store. Please let us know if we have missed any of possible Dragon World Breeds! Please share this guide with your friends!

For more Dragon World Guides, you can check out our game guide listing. It should be noted that this guide will be continuously updated to reflect the latest changes to the game. Please feel free to leave comments too if you have found any other breeding combinations possible for your Dragon World dragon breeds.

Basic Dragon World Dragon Elements
Generation 1 Dragon World Dragon Breeds
Generation 2 Dragon Breeding – Hybrid Rare
Dragon World Legendary Dragon Breeding

Basic Dragon World Dragon Elements

In Dragon World, the basic elemental dragons cannot be obtained via breeding, it means that you must purchase these dragons in Egg form.

Fire (Level 1)
Earth (Level 2)
Nature (Level 5)
Water (Level 9)
Air (Level 12)
Magic (Level 14)
Light (Level 15)
Twilight (Level 17)

The elements listing below are opposing elements, which means the breeding process will take longer than same or compatible element. For example, fire and water are opposite. Whereas, fire and earth are compatible.

Fire and Water
Earth and Air
Nature and Magic
Light and Twilight

Generation 1 Dragon World Dragon Breeds

Below is a complete list of dragons that you can build by using single step from the basic dragons in Dragon World. The dragons may be repeated in each of the subsection simply for your own convenience. The order at which you input the dragons for breeding does not affect the egg outcome. It is all pretty much based on luck and luck only very much like lottery.

Fire Dragon Based Generation 1
Fire + Earth = Lava
Fire + Nature = Tropical/Flower/Spring
Fire + Water = Steam
Fire + Air = Phoenix
Fire + Magic = Magic Fire
Fire + Light = Sun
Fire + Twilight = Ash

Earth Dragon Breed Hybrid Generation 1
Earth + Fire = Lava
Earth + Nature = Grass/Fruit
Earth + Water = River/Tortoise
Earth + Air = Rock/Tornado
Earth + Magic = Crystal
Earth + Light = Diamond
Earth + Twilight = Sapphire/Scorched

Nature Dragon Breed Hybrid Generation 1
Nature + Fire = Tropical/Flower/Spring
Nature + Earth = Grass/Fruit
Nature + Water = Water Lily/Coral
Nature + Air = Dandelion/Butterfly
Nature + Magic = Brush/Clover
Nature + Light = Petal
Nature + Twilight = Mushroom

Water Dragon Breed Hybrid Generation 1
Water + Fire = Steam
Water + Earth = River/Tortoise
Water + Nature = Water Lily/Coral
Water + Air = Snow
Water + Magic = Pearl
Water + Light = Rainbow/Seaweed
Water + Twilight = Sea

Air Dragon Breed Hybrid Generation 1
Air + Fire = Phoenix
Air + Earth = Rock/Tornado
Air + Nature = Dandelion/Butterfly
Air + Water = Snow
Air + Magic = Wind/Gryphon
Air + Light = Lightening
Air + Twilight = Night

Magic Dragon Breed Hybrid Generation 1
Magic + Fire = Magic Fire
Magic + Earth = Crystal
Magic + Nature = Brush/Clover
Magic + Water = Pearl
Magic + Air = Wind/Gryphon
Magic + Light = Light Magic/Fairy
Magic + Twilight = Black Magic

Light Dragon Breed Hybrid Generation 1
Light + Fire = Sun
Light + Earth = Diamond
Light + Nature = Petal
Light + Water = Rainbow/Seaweed
Light + Air = Lightning
Light + Magic = Light Magic/Fairy
Light + Twilight = Full Moon

Twilight Dragon Breed Hybrid Generation 1
Twilight + Fire = Ash
Twilight + Earth = Sapphire/Scorched
Twilight + Nature = Mushroom
Twilight + Water = Sea
Twilight + Air = Night
Twilight + Magic = Black Magic
Twilight + Light = Full Moon

Generation 2 Dragon Breeding – Hybrid Rare

Below list we will include generation 2 dragon breds that are possible from generation 1. You are not allow to bred opposite element directly, but you can create hybrid dragons by combining a hybrid with a basic or a hybrid with a hybird. The generation 2 dragon breds are extremely rare.

Fire + Earth + Nature = Predatory
Fire + Earth + Water = Ferocious
Earth + Nature + Water = Swamp/Tectonic
Earth + Water + Nature = Coastal
Fire + Nature + Air = Agile
Fire + Earth + Air = Desert
Fire + Earth + Air = Star Stone
Fire + Water + Air = Chinese
Fire + Earth + Magic = Obsidian
Nature + Water + Magic = Lake
Earth + Nature + Light = Herbivore
Air + Magic + Light = Gladiator
Earth + Nature + Twilight = Gorge
Earth + Water + Twilight = Deep-Sea

Dragon World Legendary Dragon Breeding

At the time of writing this Dragon World breeding guide for the different dragons. There are currently 4 types of legendary ranked dragons in the game. These Dragon World legendary ranked dragon hybrids are as followed:

Earth + Water + Nature + Magic = Shamanic
Earth + Nature + Water + Magic = Pangolin
Fire + Earth + Nature + Twilight = Aztec
Fire + Nature + Air + Magic = Maple
Fire + Earth + Nature + Water = Crocodile


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  1. Try dragonsworldguide.com/how-to-breed/ for up to date information about all the dragons and how to breed them!

    • I got my amazon dragon by breeding my TROPICAL dragon and my SNOW dragon.( TROPICAL= 10% RARE. SNOW= 15% RARE) This gave me the amazon dragon which the breeding and incubation time was 28HRS but it was worth it.

    • If you have a hybrid, like the Lava Dragon, and you breed it with a Nature Dragon, you have a chance of getting a Predator Dragon, which has those three elements. Same with breeding two hybrids for a chance to get a dragon with 4 elements.

    • You have to breed either a fire with a water hybrid (such as a water lily dragon), or a basic water with a fire hybrid (such as a lava dragon). It also helps to have them with the “plus 5% chance of a rare dragon”

      Hope this helped!

  2. Has anyone here gotten a gladiator dragon? I have tried at least ten times with my lightning and fairy dragons and they both have 10% chance of a rare dragon. What am I doing wrong?!

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