Crazy Penguin Wars Crafting Research Recipe Guide

Trying to search for that last research recipe for your crafting needs in Crazy Penguin Wars can be frustrating when you are on your last ones. This Crazy Penguin Wars crafting recipe list will help you to come up with all the different combinations and formulas easily in Crazy Penguin Wars. Please remember to link back to us if you choose to share our guide with your Crazy Penguin Wars and Facebook friends. Lastly, please check out the rest of our Crazy Penguin Wars guides filed under Digital Chocolate to help you advance faster in the game.

Crafting Research Recipe List

Drill Bot = Metal Scrap + Bottle of Gas + Rubber Band
Molotov = Bottle of Gas + Cooking Oil + Hot Sauce
Railgun = Metal Scrap + Battery + Metal Tube
Plasma Cannon = Bottle of Gas + Battery + Bolts
Pogo Stick = Bottle of Gas + Bolts + Metal Casing
Week Old Burrito = Meat + Cooking Oil + Hot Sauce
Shield = Metal Scrap + Rubber Band + Piece of Wood
Point to Point Teleporter = Metal Tube + Bolts + Converter Circuit
Beanbag Gun = Metal Scrap + Metal Tube + Rice
Void Generator = Metal Scrap + Battery + Lemon
Umbrella = Metal Scrap + Rubber Band + Linen Cloth
Wasabi Sushi = Meat + Hot Sauce + Rice

We will keep a tab on the latest update and add in new recipes as additional Crazy Penguin Wars recipes are released. Please let us know if we have missed anything or made any crafting recipe mistakes.

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