Basic C&C Tiberium Alliance Research Guide

The research tree in Command and Conquer Tiberium Alliance is an important aspect of the game to let you unlock more units. Below is a basic guide and walkthrough on how you can take advantage of the Tiberium Alliance research system. If you found this guide useful, please check out our other C&C Tiberium Alliance guides.

Research and Resources

To conduct research in game, you mainly need two resources: These two resources are Credit and Research Points. You can obtain Credits through refineries, raiding other people’s camps, or purchase them.

For the research points, the only way for you to obtain the research points is through raiding other people’s bases. You cannot produce the research points nor purchase them. You have to get them through constant combat. You can get more research points by taking out higher defended bases. Meaning that the more units are defending one specific base, the more research points that you will get. However, by defeating the construction yard, you will obtain the full amount of research points as if you destroyed all the defending units.

Research Strategy and Progression

Depending on where you are in the game, and your neighbor’s tactics, you may want to take on different paths of research. However, your first two unlocks should be defense which are predators and pitbulls to stop enemy advances once your beginner shield protection drops.


Basic C&C Tiberium Alliance Research Guide — 7 Comments

  1. Hey man, do you get full research points if you attack stuff that you already damaged?

    Sometimes you have to make more than one attack on a base. If a base is worth 10k, and you make an attack but fail the first time, can you still get the full 10k when you attack again?

    Does that make sense? :) Thanks dude!

  2. It’s not accurate. You can’t get research points by attacking other players, the points can be obtained only from forgotten camps/outpost/bases

    • You get more research points from other players than you do from attacking forgotten camps/outposts of similar levels. I haven’t tested with forgotten bases yet

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