CoasterVille Complete Theme Reference Book

In CoasterVille, you can section off and plan your theme park based upon their specific themes. We have divided the different businesses and rides into their respective themes to help you organize through them. There are a couple of reasons why you may want to divide your CoasterVille, is that based on our initial experience, stationing same themed items may boost your CoasterVille income gain.

Please note that this guide does not contain information such as the materials needed nor the CoasterVille popularity or thrill points that they provide. However, we will provide information on the associated item obtained when boosted or searched in the case of CoasterVille business buildings.

Please share this guide with your friends and leave comments if you have any additional insights! Check our CoasterVille guides for more information!

Current CoasterVille Themes

At the time of writing this guide, there are 3 regular themes with 1 premium theme.

Regular CoasterVille Theme

Premium Coasterville Theme

Fairground Themed Buildings

Landmark: None
Custom Ride:
The Comet
Windstorm Coaster
Whiplash Coaster

Bumper Cars
Potato Sack Slide
Mushroom Swing
Ferris Wheel
Flying Aces
Bug Chug
Viking Swing
Flying Sheep
Sooper Looper

Business – Shop:
Balloon Cart – Balloons
Sunglasses Cart – Sunglasses
Hat Cart – Hat
Toy Cart – Toy Frog
Shirt Store – Shirt
Fair Toy Shop – Teddy Bear

Business – Restaurant:
Lemonade Cart – Sugar
Hot Dog Cart – Hot Dog
Ice Cream Cart – Ice Cream
Popcorn Cart – Popcorn
Cotton Candy Cart – Cotton Candy
Snow Cone Cart – Ice Cream
Pastry Cart – Cupcake
Hot Dog Stand – Hot Dog
Ice Cream Stand – Ice Cream
Cup Cake House – Cupcake

Fantasy Themed Buildings

Landmark: Majestic Castle
Custom Ride:
Dragon Coaster
Magical Foest

Princess Tower – Feather
Wizard’s Tower – Pixie Dust
Enchanted Forest –
Dragon Petting Zoo –
Dwarven Mine –
Jester’s Fun House –
Knight’s Show –
Griffin’s Flight –
Dragon’s Treasure –

Business – Shop
Potion Shop –
Toy Armory –
Candle Shop –
Seamtress Shop –

Business – Restaurant
Cheese Cottage –
Forest Faire –
Village Market –
Champion’s Feat –

Frontier Themed Buildings

Landmark: Eagle Rock
Custom Ride:
Dynamite Run Coaster
Kodiak River Run

Mechanical Bull
Frontier Petting Zoo
Log Ride
Pony Ride
Gold Panning
Barn Dance
Water Wheel
Gun Fight Stunt Show

Business – Shop:
Marshall’s Gun Rack
Outdoor Outfitter
General Store
Wood Carving Store

Business – Restaurant:
Pie Shop
Buffalo Steak House
Chuck Wagon

Premium Themed Buildings

Winter Themed
Penguin Ride (Attraction)
Gingerbread House (Restaurant)
Snow Globe Shop (Shop)

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