Best CoasterVille Leveling Guide

Leveling Up in CoasterVille instantly refills your energy bar up with some handsome rewards in coins. Although leveling up directly does not affect your game play much, they do unlock some additional quests for you to complete. Thus it is to your best benefit to level up as much as possible throughout the game play. In this guide, we will focus on various aspects of CoasterVille in relation to leveling up fast and easy.

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Optimize for Coin and Thrill Gain

To level up fast, you first need to be able to generate Coins and Thrill points. With more coins and thrill points at your fingertips, you can afford to build more CoasterVille attractions and businesses to generate even more.

Power of Operation Buildings

Operation buildings such as restroom and first aid office are great ways to boost your leveling speed. When you collect from those buildings, they have chances of giving you additional energy upon collection. This means that you can receive free XP at no energy cost roughly 50% of the time. So, build a couple more operation buildings so that you can collect them at all times.

Visit CoasterVille Friends Often for Energy Bonus

Energy is essential for you to level up fast in CoasterVille. Visiting your friends and use up all of your visit energy. You will earn free energy and the much needed inspiration point. Visit your friends on a daily basis and use up all of those visit energy fast. You want as many energy as possible for you to level up fast yourself.

Energy Gifts and Requests

You can gift and receive energy gifts from your friends in Zynga. Use up all of your energy continuously. Gift the energy to your friends in the game so that you can receive more energy yourself.

Comb Through CoasterVille Feeds

We have mentioned this CoasterVille feed link in our Beginner’s Guide. However, you can use to access the different CoasterVille specific Facebook feeds. These feeds offer you with great rewards such as energy, goods, and decoration. Use them often to maximize your leveling rate in the game.

Ask Friends to Visit You

Out of all the ways to get XP points in CoasterVille, one of the most effective method is for your friends to visit you. The friends actions will generally result in a free XP without energy use to yourself. Thus, always accept and let your friends work your CoasterVille theme park for some free and fast XP.

Special Notes About Quest

Although CoasterVille’s quests do not offer your XP points, you should still put some focus on them. Quests can unlock important buildings and reward you with special and unique decorations for free. So dedicate some of your energy with quests is the best for long term growth and expansion in CoasterVille.


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