ChefVille Master Ingredients Guide

Having all the ingredients in ChefVille is essential for you to cook the dishes. In this master’s guide, we will go over the different details about collecting all the different ingredients. With this guide and stock full of ChefVille ingredients, you will be on your way to collect all the ChefVille Mastery Stars. Please be sure to check out the rest of our ChefVille guides to help you advance even further and faster in the game. The list of Zynga guides can be found.

In this guide, we will go through the different methods of ingredient collection that you will encounter. By using and applying all of these ChefVille ingredient gathering tips, you can have all the ingredients to craft different ChefVille dishes.

Please note that we have prepared another list of all ChefVille ingredients and recipes for you to cook efficiently and gather materials easily.

The “Wild” Ingredient Collections

You will start collect these wild ingredients when you first enter the game. These ingredients refresh and grow over time. For example, Wild Onion and Wild Mushroom, thus you will always have a healthy supply of them. Collect them as needed but do not stress over them.

The “Shelf” and Ingredient Plant Collection

You can also collect ingredients by going to shelf spaces such as the Tomato Plant, Bread Basket, and Cheese display and more. These shelf ingredients have certain refresh times depending on the type of ingredient. Your best bet is to collect them as often as you can to keep a healthy stash. We will be working and updating a list of the Chefville ingredient refresh timer list to help you plan out your ChefVille Strategy.

Staffed House Locations

These ChefVille ingredients can be annoying if you do not have enough ChefVille friends to staff them. Same thing with the different shelfs that offer you ingredients, these house location offer you ingredients upon collection. However, you will typically have to invite different numbers of friends to staff and activate them. Otherwise you will have to pay real money and cash to staff the buildings.

Collect ChefVille Ingredients via Friends Gifts

The Free gifts are a great way of gathering beginner level ingredients in ChefVille. Early on in the game, get as many friends onto ChefVille as possible and send them the free ingredients. By doing so you are likely to receive ingredients back from your friends as well.

“ASK” for Ingredients at Cooking Screen

For some ingredients, you will be able to directly request them from your friends. Whenever you do not have a certain ingredient requirement for a ChefVille dish, you will be able to request them. It should be noted that there seems to be a request limit so you may not get all your ChefVille ingredients this way.

Visit Friend’s ChefVille Restaurants

When you visit friend’s restaurants, you will have chances of collecting the ingredients when you act on relative items. For example, you can get meat by eating their eat dishes, or collect vegetable ingredients with their garden. Your best bet is to go after the ingredients that you need the most with high item refresh times in your own restaurant. It should be noted that you can exit and leave the friend’s restaurant to click on the same item twice or more.

ChefVille Friend Visit Reward

By using your friendly energy in a friend’s restaurant, you will sometimes receive ingredients such as salt, pepper, and some meat. Thus, get lots of friends and visit them often in ChefVille.

Purchase ChefVille Ingredient with Cash

Lastly, you can always purchase different ChefVille ingredients with Cash. However, we strongly advise against this because you can get most of the ingredients through normal game play. But if you really have to purchase ingredients, again, go for the ones that are hard to get with long item restock time.

Notes on ChefVille Crafted Ingredients

These Chefville ingredients are intermediate ingredient that must be crafted before they can be used in other dishes. Use this as a guideline as how many materials that you will need to craft different crafted ingredients. More detailed information for the amount and timing of these crafted ingredients will be added and this ChefVille ingredient list upgraded.

Please note that we have prepared a separate ChefVille Ingredient and Recipe list that lists out the different types of ingredients and recipes for the different ChefVille recipes.

Ranch Dressing: Milk, Wild Onion, Garlic
Dough: Flour, Milk
Mayonnaise: Eggs White, Wine Vinegar
Tomato Sauce: Heirloom Tomato, Wild Onion
Garlic Toast: Wheat Bread, Garlic
Croutons: Wheat Bread, Black Pepper
Pita Chips: Pita, Black Pepper
Egg Noodles: Flour, Eggs
Fettucini: Flour, Eggs, Black Pepper
Rice Noodles: Long Grain Rice, Water
Spaghetti: Flour, Eggs
Macaroni: Flour, Eggs, Salt
Lasagne Noodles: Flour, Eggs
Beef Broth: Sirloin Beef, Water
Chicken Broth: Free Range Chicken, Water, Salt
Vegetable Broth: Wild Onion, Water
Mild Salsa: Heirloom Tomato, Yellow Bell Pepper
Guacamole: Avocado, Heirloom Tomato
Pesto: Basil, Garlic
Artisan Bread: Dough, Olive Oil
Pita: Dough, Water
Corn Tortilla: Sweet Corn, Salt
Hollandaise Sauce: Lemon, Unsalted Butter
Gravy Beef: Broth, Flour
BBQ Sauce: Tomato Sauce, Sugar
Alfredo Sauce: Parmesan Cheese, Heavy Cream
Cheese Sauce: Cheddar Cheese, Milk
Hoison Sauce: Long Grain Rice, Water, Black Pepper
Soy Sauce: Soy Beans, Water, Salt
Teriyaki Sauce: Soy Sauce, Sugar
Marinated Beef: Sirloin Beef, Lime, Salt
Marinated Chicken: Free Range Chicken, Salt
Marinated Tuna: Tuna, Lime
Steamed Vegetables: Carrots, Russet Potato
Sticky Rice: Long Grain Rice, Water
Smoked Turkey: Free Range Turkey, Salt
Smoked Salmon: King Salmon, Salt
Corn Meal: Sweet Corn, Water
Herbes de Provence: Basil, Rosemary
Jerk Seasoning: Wild Onion, Garlic, Black Pepper

First Stage Ingredient Collection Index

In here, we will note where and how you can get the basic level ingredients in ChefVille. We will also note the time that it takes for the ingredient to be refilled or restocked. Please feel free to let us know if you see any different information on your game. Because some information may differ due to Zynga’s A/B split testing.

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ChefVille Master Ingredients Guide — 26 Comments

    • You need to complete a task for Ginger, and then you will get the option to build a garlic stall, and you can collect garlic from that every five minutes.

    • Put down walkways or tiles to round up mushrooms and wild onions. You can put these down right over the wild critters.

    • You have to complete goals to get the meat marinator machine (it’s green). Then you can craft it but I don’t have it yet so I don’t know what ingredients you will need to make it.

  1. You get marinated chicken by completing quests: there is no way to make it on your own. People should join an online Chefville group, like on facebook. People on there have been great at answering all my Chefville questions, and make great neighbors!

  2. I’m trying to cook Fettucini Chicken Alfredo on the grill, what appliance do I need to craft Alfredo sauce? Does anyone know?

    • You need the western sauce station. Alfredo sauce calls for heavy cream & parmesan but I haven’t found a way to get the heavy cream.

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