Leveling Up and Building Fast Castleville Guide

Level up and wanting to build more can be frustrating when you have to wait for the energy or construction timer to run down. Using crowns to speed up everything is not a good solution. Below are the tips for you to be able to level up faster, and produce all of your buildings faster in Castleville.


You will be able to get the most XP possible for leveling up through the completion of NPC quests. When all of your actions generate 1 XP points, the only way to boost the energy to XP ratio is through completing and finishing of quests. Plan ahead and save your resources so that completing your Castleville quests become the top priority. You should only use your energy on other items when you do not have any actions available to contribute to the completion of quests.

Optimal Playing by Time

You will gain 1 energy point for every 5 minutes. You have a upper limit of 25 energy in game. This means that you will have a complete refill of energy pool in about 2 hours. So, to level up fast in game, you should play at least once every two hours to fully use up your energy. By fulling using your energy, you can get the most XP value of those time. You will then be able to level faster than your Castleville friends.

Rely on Neighbor Help for Animal Tending

Because energy use in Castleville is quite limited, you need to rely on your neighbors to get some of your items done. Plan out ahead of time so that your neighbors will be completing your tasks for you instead of accelerating or grooming your actions. With this in mind, you will be able to obtain more resources over time. Some of the best setup include planting grapes and let your neighbors harvest them for you, as well as grow more chickens to get neighbors to collect more eggs. Check this guide for the neighbor Castleville kingdom actions and plan it to your best benefit.

Energy Gain and Conservation

Use all the different methods of gaining energy to obtain more XP through your energy. Craft the higher damage wood choppers, and weapons to clear out the wilderness faster. By gaining the most energy possible through various means and conserve those energy points. You can level faster in Castleville.

Purchasing Energy with Crown

You can always spend some real money to purchase energy that can help you level faster.

Craft and Cook Food Regularly

Crafting and cooking is a great way to convert your farmed goods back into energy. Maximize your craftshop and kitchen early in game to be able to cook energy related items often and frequently. By having many energy items at your disposal, you can use those to level faster in game. Here is a list of the Castleville food recipes.

Pillage Other Player’s Kingdoms

Resources is a big issue in Castleville. Many of the buildings require raw materials such as stone and wood in order to be built and crafted. Visit your friend’s kingdom often to pillage their rocks and trees. When you can obtain all of your resources off-shore, you can use those energy saved to collect from craftshops and kitchens in your own kingdom. Use those nice help points as indirect energy boosts for your own kingdom. With all the resources in your hand, you will be able to level faster in Castleville.

Feed Digging for XP Rewards

Dig through your facebook feed in your friend’s kingdom is a nice way to gain some XP boosts. Some other good items include XP and quest related feeds. By digging through all the feeds and collecting from them, you will be able to gain XP, energy, and items to complete your quests. Feed digging is essential to level up fast in game. This facebook link will contain all of your Castleville feeds.

Good Use of Reputation Points

Reputation points are also a great way to help you level faster. Some items that you can purchase in the market place with reputation points can help you conserve energy and get more resources. Get super chopper and super clubs to chop trees or kill the beasties faster. When you are low on coins, you can also opt for the collection boxes which gives you decent coin boosts. These boosts will help you to level faster in game.

Defeating Beasties With Super Clobber

Always use Super Clobbers that you can purchase with reputation in the market place. That way you can defeat beasties using less energies. When you do defeat them, you will receive 1~2 energies most of the time. This means that you can a free exp points by defeating beasties with points that you do not really use.

Plan Resources Ahead of Time

Because both resource gathering and crafting them into useable pieces take time. It is best for you to plan your resources ahead of time to be able to build continuously without lagging. Use these useful tables of recipes and building materials for your reference. Knowledge of the future is your key to level the fastest compared to your peers.
Building Cost, Staffing, and Payout Table List
Crafting Guide for Castleville
Castleville Cooking Recipe List

Implement Area Placement Boosts

There are a couple different combinations of building and placing your buildings, farm plots, as well as animal stocks. Follow this guide to plan and place your Castleville buildings and farms and get the bonus. These bonuses will help you to expand and gather resources faster.

By following all of these tips, you will be able to achieve your fastest leveling speed in Castleville.


Leveling Up and Building Fast Castleville Guide — 3 Comments

  1. Great guide as always just one add from me… “post to friends” for energy and request goods as often as you can

    I noticed that when you have requested something to build an you can not request something else for the same building, usualy you can request the second thing from a crafting building ;) like stone blocks that are used for building and for crafting

  2. Thank you for the great guide stuff. I really like the collected ingredients list for workshop type items. I was looking for mortar though and couldn’t find it. Perhaps it has been added since this was put together? Also do you have studio items?

    Thank you again

  3. I need help. I have just started playing (Level 7 with 12 Castles) and The quest tells me to visit The dukes and do tasks there. The only problem is if I try to go his picture tells me “Complete Quest To Visit” It looks like the duke and Yvette are chopping at something but nothing is there. Does anyone have any ideas?????

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