Defeat and Kill Beasties Effectively in Castleville

Beasties can be quite annoying when they block your buildings, farm plots, and animals in game. Here are some tips on how to effectively kill them without using (too much) of your valuable energy points.

Wait for Friends and Neighbors

There are many quests along the way that require your neighbors to kill beasties in another neighboring kingdom. Your neighbors might also kill the beasties for you by using neighbor helper actions. You can also always request your neighbors to defeat the annoying beasties. By waiting for your friends to take the necessary attacking actions, you can save your Castleville energy. However, your friends might not kill the Castleville monsters for you because there are other actions.

Purchase Super Clobber with Reputation Point

Super Clobbers are great items to spend your reputation points on. With Super Clobbers, you will deal 4 damage to Beasties and save considerable amount of energy. Keep a healthy stash of Super Clobbers to handle emergencies where you have to kill the Beasties fast.

Craft Clobbers and Sword

You can also craft beastie killing weapons in your workshop. However, because these items use alchemist powder, alchemist powder can be only obtained through visiting your neighbor’s kingdoms. So you should save those alchemist powder on crafting the other building materials such as Gold brick.

These tips should help you to defeat Castleville beasties without spending much energy of your own.


Defeat and Kill Beasties Effectively in Castleville — 1 Comment

  1. I have a gloom yeti stuck in one area of my Castleville. I am able to complete all actions except in that corner. Nothing I do to banish the yeti is working. Do you have any tips? I have tried to contact Facebook, but have received no help yet. Thanks

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