Castleville Gloom Beast Guide and Tips

This is a complete guide on everything that you need to know about Gloom beasts.

What are Gloom Beasts

Gloom beast are the animals in Castleville that may appear to block all of your in game actions. This page will give a simple listing of all the gloomed beasties to help you. Gloom beasts appear at chance depending on the actions that you initiate in your kingdom. When they do appear, they will block all actions in their surrounding area, this include move, sell, build, tend, as well as any design actions.

Gloom Beasts and Quests

There are many Castleville NPC quests that involve the triggering and banish of the gloom beasts. These quests include summoning gloom beasts using potions, banishing existing gloom beasts, or even do actions that can trigger gloom beast spawns.

Limit of Gloomed Beasties in Kingdom

The numbers of gloomed beasties that you can have in your kingdom is dependent on your level. As you level up in game, you will have a higher numbers of beasties at one time.

How to Kill Gloom Beasts Effectively

This post will show you some of the tips to defeat gloom beasts effectively and efficiently without using the full amount of energy.

Tip to Prevent Gloom Beast Spawn

Because there is a limit on how many gloom beasts there are at one time. What you can do is try to get them to spawn in a small area where they will not effect the majority of your buildings and crops. By keeping a few gloom beast alive in your kingdom, you can prevent new ones from being born.

Castleville Gloom Beast Summary Table

This table details everything that you need to know about gloom beasts.

Gloom Beasts
Potion Cost
(on Defeat)
(on Defeat)
Gloom RatHarvest Farm53Gloom Rat TailBone1~2 Energy
Gloom WolfTending Animal
Chopping Tree
85Gloom Wolf HairBone2~3 Energy
Gloom ThiefTaxable House
(Usually Tax Rate Above 600 coins)
108Thief's Cloak2~3 Energy
Gloom GoblinPotion Only129Gloom Goblin Ear2~3 Energy
Winter Gloom ThiefWinter 2011 Event7Thief's Cloak2 Energy
Winter Gloom GoblinWinter 2011 Event8Gloom Goblin Ear2 Energy


Castleville Gloom Beast Guide and Tips — 7 Comments

    • it’s a bug, the buildings are blocked by beasties far away from your buildings, try taking those beasties out and you should unlock those blocked Castleville buildings.

    • Go to a unused area, use your potions to summon anything you like. And just leave them there. Kill them at your pleasure. Keep summoning them and you will reach your current level limit and they will stop showing up.

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