Castleville Best Crop Analysis

This table contains all the crops that you can plant and harvest in Castleville. The table is not complete right now, however, more information will be added as I play through the game.

Based on your playing style, you can figure out which one are the best crops for you to grow and harvest in Castleville.

Grape15 Minutes15504554010 Grape + 5 Pail of Water = 3 Energy
Flax330 Minutes12510075145
Carrot41 Hour150150100100
Wheat524 Hours110055045018.75
Tomato88 Hours115040025031.25
Cabbage1012 Hours120050030025
Cotton1214 Hours125060035025
Cocoa1416 Hours130070040025
Oat163 Hours17522515050
Chili Pepper1818 Hours135080045025
Potato204 Hours140060020050
Strawberry2236 Hours1500100050013.88


Best Shot Term Castleville Crop

I personally like Flax the best for the short term crop. The energy consumption is not heavy compared to grapes. In addition, flax is used for various crafting and cooking recipes.

Best Medium Term Castleville Crop

Potato is the best medium term crop that generates 50 coins per hour. The harvest time frame is 4 hours.

Best Long Term Castleville Crop

For the long term, you want to go for either Cocoa or Chili pepper. These crops generate 25 coins per hour and have long harvesting time frame. 16 hours for Cocoa and 18 hours for Chili pepper. However, Cocoa offers some good return of energy in terms of kitchen use. More recipe information will be added later.

Best Overall Castleville Crop

The best of the best however, is wheat because you can get the best return via the Castleville Kitchen cooking recipes. Also check the best Food Recipe analysis on why Wheat is the best.


Castleville Best Crop Analysis — 2 Comments

  1. Thanks for these tables I have been wanting something like this. Do you have somewhere how long the different crops take to wither? Is it a constant relationship to the time to mature?

  2. Ok, this is probably the best table I have seen so far, would you be able to tell me which crop is the most profitable gold-wise, in relation to time and cost expenditure? I would like to know which one is the best and fastest gold producing crop, considering time and the initial cost expenditure.
    So far as I can see it’s the tomato, but as I am lousy in Math I could be wrong.

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