Make Gold Coins Easy in Castle Empire / Settlers Online

Gold Coins are important later on in game to upgrade all of your production buildings. This guide will teach you everything that you need to learn about how to make and gain more gold coins in Castle Empire / Settlers Online. Read more of my Castle Empire guides if you have found this Gold Earning guide helpful in your Castle Empire game play.

Gold Coins from Quest

The first way that you will get coins from are through the Castle Empire quests. Some of the later quest chains will give you gold coins as rewards so that you can hire the specialist. And after you advance to the level only quests, the gold coins are typically given to you as rewards in Settlers Online.

Explorers Find Gold Coins through Treasure Search

You can send out your Castle Empire explorers on treasure hunts which take some time to complete the hunting for treasure. However, your explorers can return with certain amounts of gold coins by chance.

Minting Gold Coins Yourself

After you have reached level 23 in Castle Empire, you will have the ability to construct Gold Mines, Gold Smelter, and Coinage. With this and proper Castle Empire buffs, you will be able to turn a profit from coin minting with the Gold Mines.

Obtain Gold Coins via Battle Loot

You can get coins from winning battles in the Battle field with your generals’ attacks. Depending on the strength and difficulties of the enemy camps, you may receive differing amount of Gold coins by chance.

Gain Gold Coins as Adventures Rewards

After you have completed the Castle Empire adventures fully, you will receive Gold coins as well as other rewards for completing the adventure.

Trade To Earn More Gold Coins

You can trade to earn Gold Coins in game. Through smart buying and selling, you will be able to turn a profit with your Castle Empire resources and gold trading.

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