Level Up Fast and Easy in Castle Empire Online

Leveling up fast in Castle Empire Online can be divided into a couple of stages in game. Below is a quick walkthrough that will show you and help you to level up easier and unlock more things faster. If you find this guide helpful, feel free to read on to my other Castle Empire guides. The focus of this guide is really how to keep your military power up while able to level up efficiently in CEO.

Complete Beginner Quests

At the beginning stage of the game, completing all the quests is the best way to level. Do not think about doing other things other than completing the beginner quests until you reach the point where the quests run out. At this stage the game will simply ask you to level up to complete the quest. Now we can move on to the guide on how to level fast.

Buff Up Your Military

Because the leveling is all determined by your military kills after the quest has run dry. What you want to do to level up fast in game is to really buff up your military. By buffing up and supporting your military, you will be able to gain more EXP and level up fast in Castle Empire / Settlers online.

Minimize Battle Loss

To minimize battle loss is another way of minimizing the amount of resources needed to level up. You want to hit the enemy units and kill them within one shot before they can attack you. Always bring enough units to completely wipe out enemy camps in one turn is key to success and faster leveling in Castle Empire.

Increase Population

Population is key to maintain a healthy number of troops in game. There are multiple ways to gain Castle Empire population in game. You want to have as many idle population as possible so that you can continuously building the combat units.

Utilize Trading for Maximum Resource Gain

Really use trading to bring more resources and profit into your island. You can check out beginner guide to trading and the advanced guide of online trading for gold profit. Having a healthy economy and healthy gold coffers will be key to your military training.

Buffs for More Resources

Use Castle Empire buffs consistently to maximize the amount of various resources produced in your Empire.

Late Stage – Adventures

. Keep the CEO buff up for your most profitable buildings and keep the supply chain. You should especially focus on the bread and various weaponry to sustain the loss of your troops in leveling up fast.

Other Optimization

Read up on other ways to better your empire is another method to ensure smooth leveling up. These optimization include great building placements and Castle Empire building supply chain setup.

End Game Leveling in Castle Empire

As you approach higher level and completely went through the starting island. The only way that you can continue fighting is through the use and exploration of adventures. At this stage in game, if you want to continue leveling up fast and easy in game, I would recommend you to purchase some gems and buy the maximum numbers of Explorers. Sent the Castle Empire Savage scouts to search for adventures nonstop. Then you can utilize these adventures to send out your troops after.


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  1. hi, where can I read information on what to use to attack for instance 60% gate defense an what to use to attack macemen or bowmen etc. thanks

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