Complete Call of Gods Hero Guide

Heroes can make or break your battles in Call of Gods, having a great and strong hero is important for you to increase your battle power and win more battles in Call of Gods. This guide will teach you everything that you need to know about your Hero in Call of Gods. If you like this guide, please check my other useful Call of Gods guide listed under Koramgames.

Recruiting Call of Gods Heroes

You can recruit heroes in the Tavern in the capitals of each race. All races have a tavern in their capital such as Call of Gods Human, Elf, or the Undead.

Heroes Name Color and Potential

You’ll notice inside the CoG tavern that the hero names come in different colors. The color of a hero’s name determines that hero’s grade. The grade of the potential are divided into the following colored names: White, Green, Blue, Purple and Orange.

A Hero’s color determines the Potential of a hero which affects starting attributes as well as hero’s growth rate. Higher potential means higher stats gains at level up. This further means that high level heroes will have vast stats differences if their potential ranking is far from each other. For example, a orange high level can outrank and kill white heroes easily.

White Hero: 8-15 Potential
Green Hero: 16-25 Potential
Blue Hero: 26-35 Potential
Purple Hero: 36-50 Potential
Orange Hero: 51-75 Potential

Increase Higher Potential of Hero Recruit

You can increase the potential listing of heroes by using summoning Horn or Book of Astrology to refresh the heroes list. In addition, you will obtain higher chance of higher potential heroes when refresh the list while having at least a green name hero on your Tavern list.

Call of Gods Hero Stats Explained

The heroes have multiple stats. The functions of these hero stats are detailed in the following. It should be noted that the green stats are stat points that come from gears.

This stat is the most important stat when you are recruiting the Call of Gods hero. The heroes with higher potential points will start with higher stats and these stats will increase faster when leveled up.

The level determines the attack, defense, vitality, agility and max units allowed. Heroes will level up when they have gained enough experience points. Heroes can also equip higher level gears and learn more skills as they level up.

Affects the general strengths and weaknesses of this hero. More on this will be explained later in this Call of Gods Hero guide.

You will deal more damage when your CoG heroes have higher attack.

Your CoG units will suffer less damage taken when your hero has higher defense.

The hit points of your units are dependent on the Hero’s vitality stats.

The higher a hero’s Agility, the more likely his units will be able to dodge attacks and avoid taking losses. Agility also has an effect on movement order during combat.

The dodge stats is determined by the Hero’s Agility, it affects the ability of the hero’s units to dodge enemy attacks.

Affects the chance that this hero’s units perform Critical Strikes, dealing extra damage to the enemy.

Affects the Accuracy of this hero’s units. The higher your hero’s Accuracy, the less likely enemy units will be able to dodge your attacks.

Max. Units
This is the maximum number of units your hero can command, the more units that you have, the more damage that your CoG units can deal to the enemies.

Your heroes receive Exp by fighting monsters, training and using Exp Cards.

Call of Gods Hero’s Specialty and Assigned Unit Selections

Your Heroes may have one of these specialties: Attack, Balanced, Agility, or Defense. Depending on the specialty of your Hero, they will tend to have one stats more than the other. Because of this tendency, you should assign relevant troops to the Heroes strengths. For your Attack and Balanced specialty hero, assign ranged and magic units. For your Agility and Defense specialty hero, assign them with melee, flying, and cavalry units.

Recruiting More Call of Gods Heroes

To recruit more Heroes, you must research the hero recruitment skills. For humans: royal decree, Elf: Call of the Wild, and Undead: Reanimation. Once you have upgraded those research, you can recruit additional heroes that your research allows.

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