Call of Gods Research and Magic Listing

Each of the three races in Call of Gods have their unique set of skill names. However, these skills all have the same effects in boosting your Castle and Heroer power. Below is a complete list of what these technology research and magic skills are.

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Royal DecreeCall of the WildReanimationIncrease recruitable Hero by 1 per level
Klaxon CallSummonEnslavementIncrease maximum units hero can command by 15 per level
SalvationHerbal HealingNecromancyIncrease recovery rate of unit loss by 3% per level
ConscriptionGerminationIncantationIncrease refresh time of recruit units by 3% per level
DominionGeomancyNecrosisIncrease warehouse storage by 5% per level
Imperial ExpansionPropagationPestilenceIncrease population limit by 5% per level
HeraldrySpirit SentinelOccultismIncrease recruitable units by 30 per level
LogisticsNature's BountyPutrifactionIncrease temporary storage unit by 5% per level
Honed SteelForest GuardianBloodlustIncrease attack by 2% per level
Shield WallThorny ThicketHardened SkinIncrease defense by 2% per level
Boots of HasteEtherealismEnragementIncrease Agility by 2% per level
Divine ProtectionInner StrengthRigor MortisIncrease Vitality by 2% per level


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