Become Stronger and Win More Fights in Call of Gods

There are many areas in Call of Gods where you can buff up your troops further. This guide is intended for beginner and intermediate players who want to take their troops to the advanced level of playing both in PvE and PvP. By following these tips and guides listed, you will for sure increase the power of your Heroes and the troops that they are commanding, which will lead to stronger castle and your team. You will be able to win more battles versus both NPC’s and other players.

If you have found this guide helpful, please check out my other Call of Gods guides under Koramgames section. Do share this guide with your fellow players and remember to link back to us. Please note that there are a few versions to this game, the exact details may not apply to your server and version depending on the update. I will list all everything clearly so that you can have a clear battle plan on how to boost your Call of Gods character.

Call of Gods Basic Hero Matters and Selection

Long story short, to learn more about how Heroes work, you can read the detailed guide on Call of Gods Heroes. However, I will mention the two most important factors for Call of Gods Hero that can impact your gameplay and potentially make your army stronger to win more battles easily.

CoG Hero Potential and Color

The Cog Heroes are ranked into different tiers based on their potential points. These tiers are labeled by the name of their colors: This ranking is White, Green, Blue, Purple, Orange, and Red. You want to have the highest ranking hero possible through consistently using the Tavern refresh at your beginner town. Higher ranking hero = higher stats = more powerful army.

Specialty in Call of Gods Hero

Heroes have several specialties that tag along them. You want to complement the type of troops that your hero is holding with the specialty that they have. This way will make the strengths of your troops stronger and powerful. For example:

Pair up your tanking units such as Infantry and Cavalry units with Defense specialty hero.
Pair up Archers and Spell Casters with Attack specialty hero.
And lastly pair up Flying Units with either Defense or Agility to further boost their speed.

I personally do not like balanced specialty Hero because they do not really bring out the strongest out of your armies. However, by using the hero specialty correctly with their units, you can have a stronger army each with powerful attack and defenses in Call of Gods.

Learn and Master Hero Skills

Your Call of Gods hero can learn multitudes of skills that can better their power in fights. Collect all the skills and upgrade them accordingly, remember to match the type of skills along with their CoG hero specialty to get the most out of skills.

Obtain Stronger Call of Gods Gears

Upgrade and equip all of your Call of Gods heroes with the strongest gears that you can find in dungeons, and other places such as roulette and auction house. Remember to socket your Call of Gods gears too with the best gems that you can afford.

Stronger and better gears are key to winning more battles and making your Call of Gods army the strongest in game.

Optimize Battle Formations to win more battle

There are multiple formations available for you to collect in game. The list can be found in the Call of Gods formation guide. You want to use a formation that best suit you and strategize your CoG battle unit placement based on the formations that you use. Some formations will also give you attack bonuses.

Boosting Battle Research (Magic)

Increase and upgrade the research that you have in castle. By having more research points, you can boost all of your units combat power. Always research something so that you can reap the benefits of research battle bonuses. With all the technology magic research in place, you can become stronger in Call of Gods.

Understanding Units

Understanding the strengths and weakness of your Call of Gods battle units. Call of Gods is essentially a strategy rpg game that you need to plan out your attacks. The basic idea is to place tank class before your damage dealers so they take less damage.

Using Call of Gods Unit Strategy Combinations

Combine different kinds of units together to optimize your damage dealing potential. By losing less troops and kill more armies, you will be able to have a stronger army and win more battles consecutively. Combine different units to see how they work with each other, experiment with your current hero levels, gears, and units available to find out the best match.

Remember to Recruit and Assign Often

Lastly, remember to recruit and assign often for the battle units. You can win more battles easily by having a full strength army instead of half dead one. Go into battle with the strongest fighting potential and defeat your opponents easy in Call of Gods.

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