Bubble Safari Complete Tips for Hard to Beat Levels

Bubble Safari is the latest bubble popping game released and published by Zynga. In this game guide, we will go over every tips and game play information that will help you to beat the varying levels in the game. If you have found this guide helpful, please link back to us and share them with your Facebook and Zynga game friends. Lastly, please also check out our list of Bubble Safari game guides. Please note that we have separate the tips into getting additional points into another guide because that is a completely different focus. This guide focuses on helping you get through and beat the levels that you may have difficulties with.

Setup Consecutive Drops and Enable On Fire Mode

Obtaining and Using Fire Bubbles is important to go through the levels quickly. You can setup your bubble droppings to obtain consecutive bubble drops. Set up the different combinations of bubble drops so that you can achieve the On Fire effects more easily. Look at the bubbles that are coming up to see whether or not you should go for the consecutive Bubble Safari drop shots.

Boost Bubble Meter Fill Up

Filling up your boost bubble meter is important to pass the stage more easily with higher scores. Some of the ways that can fill up your Bubble Safari Bubble Meter include banked shots, successful consecutive shots, big drops, and big pops. Take advantage of these bubble popping situations to advance through the levels faster.

Pick Your Shots and Switch Bubbles

Sometimes you may not have the perfect shot, see if you can use other bubble in your queue to clear out the bubbles out of the way. Take advantage of the bubble switch system to get the best shot possible to pop the bubbles in Bubble Safari.

Utilize Bubble Safari Power Ups

When you level up in Bubble Safari, you will be able to unlock various Bubble Safari Power Ups that can help you advance the levels. Take advantage of all the bonus that are offered in these power ups. However, you should note the effect of the different power ups and only use them in the Bubble Safari levels that you most need them for.

Bubble Safari Bee Defense

Note that whenever bees are coming out of their hives to sting your monkey. You should react fast by dropping the Bubble Safari bee hive or destroy them with the fire bubble. Don’t let the bees hurt your monkey and slow you down. If you pop bubbles near a beehive, or hit it with a bubble, it will begin a 5 turn countdown. You will have five turns to remove the beehive from the level by dropping it or shooting it with a fire bubble. When your Bubble Safari Monkey is attacked by bees, it will shoot off 2 or 3 bubbles in random direction thus wasting them.

Anti Poacher Trap Power Up

For the levels that have numerous traps that can stop you from beating the level, you should consider using the Anti Poacher Trap power up to clamp down the traps. By withholding the traps, you will be able to beat the Bubble Safari trap levels easily.

Make All Bubbles Count

When possible, do not waste off your shots. Make all of your bubbles count because you automatically lose when you run out of bubble ammunition in the game.

Use Bubbles from Friends

Always get as many friends in Bubble Safari as possible, and use the bubbles from them often. They can help you at the moments that you most needed them. Lastly, you may also receive a boost bubble from your friends when you have used their bubbles often enough.

Specialty Level Pointers

In this section of the Bubble Safari tips and guide, we will go over some specific techniques that can be used for the different levels. Apply these helpful hints to help you beat the Bubble Safari levels with ease.

Bubble Safari Spawner Level Note

The timing and speed is key to beat the spawner levels that keep spawning additional bubbles. If you will be able to shoot the bubbles quickly before the spawned bubble lands, the additional shot will not spawn the second bubble. However, do not make disastrous shots simply because you want to take advantage of the anti spawn speed technique.


Bubble Safari Complete Tips for Hard to Beat Levels — 55 Comments

    • Do not give up and try again. It took me two weeks, but now I am at lvl 82 and this one is hard. Try to get fire balls as much as possible.

  1. I love this game, it has been the only game that has my attention from cafe world. I am stuck on level 104 any tips for pass this level.

  2. Is anyone playing on Android? I am stuck at level 89. I think the levels are different for FB and Android. Need help…

  3. I am on level 188 on the mobile version and I can’t get over 110,000 points. I’m beging to think it’s impossible. I’ve “caught on fire” and used friends bubbles and every other extra and I cannot pass it.

    • I’m stuck on level 187 with the same problem. I hope you are talking about 187 and not 188 because I would hate to finally beat 187 and have the same problem on 188. I’m sure you know what you are talking about so how did you get past 187

  4. Stuck on Mobile 188 , always clear the top with 8 – 20 bubbles left and average 105,000 and once 115,000 but goal is 185,000 Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    • I’ve made it to 120,000 but not any higher. I’ve been the level 1000′s of times but no high score. Been on it for weeks now. Theres no help for you to find on it. I got so frustrated I literally spent $40 trying to beat it and with that only got to 169,000. Makes me not want to play any more. AND if u update to ios7 the whole app stops working and there’s no bug fix yet. Soooo frustrated!

  5. Stuck in level 187 for about 6 weeks. I need 120,000 to pass it but can’t seem to get anything higher than 113,000. So frustrating. It’s about to he deleted and a bad review.

  6. Playing BS on iPad and while I do have +2 friend bubbles the option is locked so cannot use them. Anyone know how to unlock them?

  7. Why on levels 92, 93, 94, 95 do you have to get 2 stars to advance
    I have beaten all of them and gotten 1 star and also beat the required score and it will not let me move on
    if someone could answer me this It would be appreciatedThanks

  8. i posted already and someone removed it I think???
    I am wondering why levels 92, 93, 94, 95 will not move forward after 1 star
    I have had 1 star on all of them but it seems to require 2 stars I have also always beaten the required score
    hoping someone can explain this to me

    Thanks Cameron
    p.s I do not know what to write for “website”

  9. I am stuck on level 83 but when I look for tips it comes up with a different screen. My screen has lots of black balls diagonally across my screen and I cannot get the bubbles past them. HELP!

  10. hi iam confused how meny levels in bubble safari game. iam playing this game past 10 months.iam completing almost 490 levels. iam boaring this game

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