Brawl Buster Glow Rush Strategy Guide and Walkthrough

Glow rush is the best way to make money in Brawl Buster. This guide will show you the best ways and strategies to ensure that your team wins in the Glow Rush Mode. More guides can be found under guide list organized by Publishers.

The basic idea of glow rush is for your teammates to end up with the most glow possible at the end of the match. These tips will help you to achieve that goal and make money in Brawl Busters

Why You Need to Pick Your Targets in Glow Rush

Because the high skilled players or players with strong mobile suits have higher chance to regain their glow quickly. Save those players for the last to kill. The basic idea and strategy of Glow Rush is to kill off the ones that are easy first, the ones that will hard time to get the glow back after they die. Below is a complete walkthrough and analysis of how to win the glow rush by picking the correct targets.

Prey on the Weak

Kill off the weaker players first so they will have hard time to gain back their glow once lost it.

Class Preference – Slugger and Fire Fighters Last

Sluggers and firefighters have less movement ability for their long range attacking ability. Save these characters for the last to kill because it is easier to run away from them if they lose their glow towards the end of the glow rush match in Brawl Buster.

HP Weakening of Glow Rush Targets

If your teammates are decent, consider weakening off your targets and let your teammates do the final kill to obtain the glow. Doing so will lessen the chance of enemy all come after single target to end up with the glow.

Glow versus Glow

If you have alot of glow and you have to die, pick the target with a lot of glow to die from. The goal is to let your enemy team’s one person holding the majority of the glow so they are easily to be tagged and killed.

Obtain Brawl Buster Glow Rush Team Power Up

Always try to get the team power up activated first. The power up activation is the Kiosk wooden shack that has a circle sign on it. Always try to activate it unless it is heal. Rush to it and start hitting it until it activates. Be careful of the enemy attack while you are doing so as well. If you are firefighter should aim at the beginning of the match.

Best Character for Glow Rush

Boxer is the ideal class because of its movement speed. Glow rush is all about chasing down the enemies and get the glow. They have the ability to pinpoint and chase down to determine who dies. Another option is rocker because of its decent speed and decent special attacks.

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