Level Up and Advance Fast in Armies of Magic

Armies of Magic is a fun strategy and building game combined into one. We have provided some strategies and tips for you to level up faster in game, by leveling fast, you will be able to unlock additional units, research faster. If you have any comments or thoughts, please share them here with comments. Lastly, remember to share this guide with your guild mates and facebook friends so you can all become strong and better players together. Also check out our list of Armies of Magic guides under Playdom guides to learn more about the different tips. By following all of these methods, you can gain more levels and advance faster inside the game.

Obtain More Silver

To level up faster in game, you will need to get as much silver as possible to unlock additional units as well as buildings. Focus on upgrading your silver generating buildings to generate more silver in game. The ability to generate silver will determine how fast that you can advance the ranks of Armies of Magic.

Population Consideration

You cannot train your troops without population. Make sure to build enough houses so that you can continuously draft additional villagers into your City. The more people that you have, the easier time to beat the subsequent level that you will have. Focus on building lower collection time houses because they will be able to generate the most people under the minimum amount of time.

Minimize Unit Losses

Upgrade your military is a sure way to win more often in Armies of Magic. It will also help you minimize the losses of your troops, by losing less troops per battle, you will be able to lead them into more battles. More battles mean more EXP and faster all around expansions for you in Armies of Magic. Always try to minimize your losses while still achieving victory in battles. More victories will lead to more EXP that you will be able to get.

Complete Quests

The Armies of Magic quests are great way to generate additional EXP to push you over the levels. Follow the different tutorial quests to level up faster in game. These quests are typically self explanatory and you should have no problem finishing them to get more experience points for leveling up.

Expand Additional Boundaries

Whenever possible, you need to expand your land area to obtain additional buildings. You will have to recruit many allies into your Armies of Magic team to unlock the land expansion requirement. Expand whenever you can to take advantage of the additional land area. The more land that you have, the more production and culture buildings that you can build. These Armies of Magic buildings will help you advance and in turn level you up faster.

Optimize Land Usage Ratio

When you are in doubt about which buildings to build to improve your production speed, also take into account the number of spaces that these buildings occupy. Because Armies of Magic land is a limited resource, you want to get the most bang of your land area. By optimizing your building land usages, you will have an edge to obtain faster level ups and experience points through higher production rate.

Research Often and Frequently

Without the necessary Armies of Magic research in game, you will not be able to unlock the units and the buildings that are used to produce the units. Always make sure that you can put time into the different research. Higher and more advanced research will propel you throughout the game faster.

Use the Power of Player Raiding

Whenever possible, you should raid other players for their resources and EXP as well. Raiding is a great way to get additional silver and other resources that you need. By planning your raiding strategy, you can advance and obtain EXP faster by taking advantage of other players in Armies of Magic.

Invite Plenty of Allied Neighbors

This last tip is simply to invite and have as many friends, allies, or neighbors possible in Armies of Magic. These neighbors can provide you with free gifts, additional War Shrine powerups, building materials, and pass the requirement for boundary expansion. All of these benefits encourage you to be popular and invite everyone into your Armies of Magic team. With many friends at your disposal, you can level up and advance fast in Armies of Magic.

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