Guild Explained in Armies of Magic

Guilds are a distinctive addition implemented by Playdom to the Facebook game play. The inclusion of the Armies of Magic guild system is the first of its kind. This guide will go over some of the major functions and actions that you can do with guilds. Please feel free to add any additional information or comments that you have found and we have missed! Please share this guide with your facebook and Armies of Magic friends and remember to always link back to us. Your links are our best support. Remember to drop by our list of Armies of Magic guides with Playdom game guides to learn more and master the game.

Guild Introduction – Join or Create

You can join an Armies of Magic guild when you have reached level 8 in the game. Or you can create an Armies of Magic guild when you reach level 10 in game. To join an Armies of Magic guild, simply go into the guild screen and press Join Instantly or Look for Guild recruiting. You can request to join guilds via these two Armies of Magic guild functions.

Guild Ranking and Level

The ranking of the guild is determined by the overall ranking points of its members.

Guild Battles

To be added.

Skirmish Within Guild

You can also choose to have practice battles within your guild. Go into the PvP section of Armies of Magic, you can select skirmish battles with other guild members. This is a good place to practice your combat strategies before you actually raid other Armies of Magic players.

Guild Leader Functions

As guild leader, you can determine the welcome message of your guild as well as selecting the guild icons. You can choose whom to recruit and whether or not to set your guild as instant recruiting.

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