Armies of Magic Basic Currency and Points Guide

Armies of Magic is the latest Facebook game released by Playdom. In this basic guide, we will go over different currency and points in game to help you get a head start understanding of the in-game mechanics. By putting all of these tips together, you will be able to have a resource army in no time. If you have found this basic Armies of Magic guide helpful, please take a look at our other Armies of Magic guides listed by Playdom game guides index written for your benefit.

Armies of Magic Silver

This is the most basic currency in game, you can get Armies of Magic Silver through a variety of methods in game such as collecting from grain fields and other production buildings, completing quests, neighbor rewards, and fighting / winning in battles.

The Armies of Magic Silver is used in practically everything from building construction cost to research costs.

Armies of Magic Gold

The gold is the item shop item currency in Armies of Magic, you can use gold to purchase various strong spells and units. The gold can be purchased via real world cash or sign up for offers like many of the other Social games.

Armies of Magic Culture Score

The culture store is equivalent to the decoration points that you would have in other facebook games. Culture scores are needed to ensure that production buildings continue to produce the goods and units. You will need to make sure that you have positive overall culture score in your City. In general, every building will lower your culture score depending on the type of building it is. You can also increase the amount of culture points per building by upgrading the culture buildings.

Armies of Magic Population

Population is made through the residential buildings in Armies of Magic. Depending on the type of residential building it is, it will have different collection times for the population gains. You can also upgrade the Armies of Magic residential buildings to increase the rate at which the population can be collected. The population is required for you to train any types of military units in the game.

Armies of Magic Building Materials

To upgrade and power up your buildings, you will need various building materials such as brick. These building materials can often be obtained through battle, raid, free gifts, ally request, and lastly purchase with the Armies of Magic Gold. Simply collect all of the materials necessary so that you can upgrade your Armies of Magic buildings.

Armies of Magic Crystal

The Crystal count is in battle currency that is used to deploy additional units within the battle field. By deploying miners onto the battle field, they will collect crystals which can further deploy additional units. At the beginning of the Armies of Magic battle, you will start with 50 crystals which can be used to deploy the miners and some tanks.

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