Age of Titans Frequently Asked Questions

This page will answer to some of the many Age of Titans game play questions that you might run into while playing.

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Lost Age of Titans Event Prizes

If you do not get some of the event rewards items in Age of Titans, they are not lost. You simply have to claim them. Some of the prizes in game and events can be clamed at the Sky City, Warehouse area. Within the Warehouse tab, you can see the rewards link. The event reward should be able to be found within there.

Max Level of Age of Titans

The max level of Age of Titan is currently set at level 100. However it will take a while before anyone can reach that because the EXP jump is steep. Check Age of Titans EXP chart for EXP needed for leveling up.

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Age of Titans Frequently Asked Questions — 3 Comments

  1. how do i get my berserker weapon to lv 5 fx? it is currently lv 4 fx and it doesnt appear when i equip it. its invisible…

  2. I had a similar problem once after activating my berzerker weapon, with it becoming invisible when equipped. What cured my problem was removing a gem, and reinserting it. Hope it works for you.

  3. I enhance my mouny to lvl7 and I play athena test and I enhance my mount again my mount go back to lvl5 plz reply my comment

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